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How to amplify your brand with online classes!

A demo for in-person and online classes

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Social distancing restrictions are lifting and in-person/offline classes are possible once again! Understand how you can effectively manage both online and offline classes and more importantly how to leverage online classes to enhance your brand!

Join us in one of our daily, live-streamed sessions where we run through the WeTeachMe and Zoom integration and how it can be used to bring you more in-person customers. 

Come and go as you like during this meeting, and/or use it as an opportunity to ask us or your peers questions about Zoom or running offline/online classes. Walk away with some actionable tips to reach a much wider market and audience!

Zoom meeting links are sent to your email automatically at the following times:

  • When the class reminder email is sent 1 day before the class/event starts
  • 1hr hour before the class starts
  • Immediately, If you book at the last minute (i.e., inside of the class reminders - that is, 20 minutes before the class starts), then you will be sent the link with your booking confirmation email.
  • If it is a term class or multiple session formats then a unique link will be sent for each session with the reminder emails as above.
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What you will learn
  • Learn how to easily link your WeTeachMe account with Zoom.
  • Learn how to convert your offline/in-person class to an online class in less than 2 minutes.
  • Learn the do's and dont's and best practices of live streaming classes via Zoom.
What you will get
  • Actionable resources used in the session sent to your email 1hr after it finishes.
  • Q&A with WeTeachMe experts.
  • New perspective on live streaming class delivery!

What to bring
  • Your passion to learn!
  • A device suitable for streaming Zoom.
What to wear

You don't have to enable your video, but if you do, please dress as you would for the classroom environment. This isn't a Pyjama party ;)

Appropriate for

Anyone who is interested in running live streamed classes! Basic to advanced, everyone welcome!


WeTeachMe Masters Series

Vendor since 2012

At WeTeachMe, we believe that learning should be inspired and impassioned, and run by the people for the people.

In 2016, WeTeachMe officially became the biggest school in Australia, one giant leap towards our fundamental goal of becoming the biggest school in the world. As we walk this journey, we create tools that empower thought leaders and everyday people in all corners of the globe to help spark new ideas and make it easier to connect teachers and learners and ignite curiosity.

In accordance with this purpose, we have formed a new creative program to help us spread our message. Masters Series by WeTeachMe is where we help share the gifts, knowledge, and experiences of those who have achieved the unimaginable in their life, risen above all odds and have persevered when others couldn't.

It is on this stage that we elevate and celebrate the curious, where we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of our communities to share their learnings and experiences in an unwavering effort to help those who are searching for answers. From creating thriving companies to challenging what humanity is capable of, we invite you to join us in celebrating the curious amongst us for we believe that it is the curious who will change the world.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Masters Series by WeTeachMe requires 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event for a transfer or credit note.  Transfers or credit notes will not be processed if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event commencing. We do not offer transfers or credit notes for missed classes.  For cancellations prior to the 48 hour cut off, email Masters Series by WeTeachMe to organise a transfer or credit.

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Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Masters Series by WeTeachMe or organised by Masters Series by WeTeachMe must agree to these terms and conditions.


I agree to take on full responsibility for any damages, injuries and for physical and/or personal property, which I might incur whilst participating in classes and/or events organised by Masters Series by WeTeachMe.


I agree to give Masters Series by WeTeachMe unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at Masters Series by WeTeachMe classes and events or on Masters Series by WeTeachMe's premises. (For use of Masters Series by WeTeachMe marketing materials).


Masters Series by WeTeachMe requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class for a credit note or transfer. 


In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a refund, transfer or credit.

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So Lan

15 October 2020 • How to amplify your brand with online classes!

I have not much experience in holding a workshop. A very clear and useful class for me! Thank you!


29 September 2020 • How to amplify your brand with online classes!

This is by far the best platform I’ve come across! I’ve used many other platforms before but none have offered the same level of customisation available. Though comprehensive, WeTeachMe is so easy to use that it helped us expand our business offering which we otherwise wouldn’t have because we didn’t have the capability. Love it and highly recommend! More importantly, they are cultivating community and connecting the world with passion again. That’s what matters 😀


15 September 2020 • How to amplify your brand with online classes!

I just attended "How to amplify your brand with online classes" this morning. This class was enjoyable and I learned a lot about behind the scenes using Zoom and how you can market you brand with online classes. Thank you Wayne!

WeTeachMe Masters Series


Hey Helena, Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

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