Intermediate Workshop (Mini-Retreat)

The Intermediate Workshop (also known as a Mini-Retreat) is the logical next step for anyone who has completed our Basic Course and is looking to refine and develop their skills. It’s designed to free you from dependence on guidance, instructions or ‘techniques’ and to encourage you to develop your own ways of meditating. As such, it is also suitable for those new to meditation, (but looking for a gentle, organic and thought-friendly approach) and those experienced meditators who are looking to explore, critique and fine-tune their meditation practice. In this respect, the workshop is an ideal ‘refresher’ and a great way to reclaim your enthusiasm for and interest in meditation.

What's covered on the workshop?

The material presented is based on the work of Jason Siff, who developed an approach to meditation called Recollective Awareness. As such, it is not a meditation technique but a way of looking at what actually happens during meditation. It could be seen as a means for developing greater awareness and understanding of the conditions that lead to helpful and healthy mental states. You will be encouraged to develop:

  • the capacity to learn from your own experiences during meditation
  • greater trust in the validity of your own experiences
  • the abilty to make useful distinctions
  • the ability to exercise your own intelligence and discernement in order to evaluate the value of different approaches to meditation
  • the capacity to tolerate a wide range of emotions and experiences
  • an open, receptive quality of mind
  • gentle ways of relating to your thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • the capacity to question your own assumptions and preconceptions about meditation

As such you will not be introduced to any new meditation techniques but will be invited to meditate in any way(s) you choose. More specific instructions will be provided for anyone completely new to meditation.


Our classes in Clifton Hill are conducted from a cream coloured residential building (it also has a cream coloured picket fence) adjacent to the speed bump on Noone St just before (west) of Groom St. The most noticeable landmark nearby is the Uncle Drew Cafe, which is roughly diagonally opposite.

Be aware that you’ll need to be on the Yarra arm (to the right/east of Hoddle St, heading north) of Noone St, NOT the city side. Note also that many GPS systems direct you to the incorrect address (a large warehouse east of Groom St instead of a residential building to the west).

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Class Schedule

Duration: 6 Hours

What you will learn
  • Develop greater awareness during meditation so that you can learn how to relate with greater skill to your own thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn how to meditate without guidance.
  • A fresh approach to meditation and an understanding of the attitudes and frameworks which make meditation a rewarding practice.
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from an expert coach
  • A thought-and-emotion-friendly meditation practice.

What to bring
  • Just yourself. There are no special requirements, though some people like to bring a pen and paper to jot down notes.
  • You may also like to bring a bottle of water.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone looking for a refresh their meditation practice or to refine and develop their skills


Melbourne Meditation Centre

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The Melbourne Meditation Centre runs regular meditation and mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats in several convenient locations around Melbourne and Geelong.

Our focus is on teaching meditation and mindfulness as simple, practical skills. We’ll teach you how and why meditation works, introduce you to a wide range of  techniques that you can use on the go – wherever and whenever you are – and help you find innovative ways to adapt meditation to your own needs.

Meditation practiced this way is surprisingly easy and enjoyable.

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