This workshop is for beginner photographers who want to master their DSLR camera and improve their photography.

Photography is becoming more open and accessible to every one. Every mobile device has a camera built in. Our lives are becoming documented in images that are shared in social networks online. More people are interested in improving their photography to take better photos, whether it is of their family, friends, their city or the places they travel to, whether it is just for their own collection or to post online and share with their friends.

Have just got your first DSLR or have you have had it for a while but only been shooting in auto mode? If you want to learn how to use your camera to create better images, then this workshop is perfect for you. As we cover each topic we'll take our cameras and practice applying it in the field.

Our goal will be to capture images using the different modes and settings of the camera so that we have an understanding of what each does, when to use them and to start to develop control over the images that we create. We will also look at the fundamental principles of composition so that you can begin applying your knowledge to improve your photography and learn to find that great shot in every situation.

By the end of this workshop you should know all the essentials of how to use your camera to take better photos in any situation.

Topics that we'll be covering:

  • Understanding the various modes of the camera
  • Using aperture, shutter speed and ISO for correct exposure
  • Auto-focus modes
  • Metering for correct exposure
  • Checking your exposure by using the histogram
  • White balance- capturing accurate colours (or creative use)
  • File types - RAW vs JPEG
  • Basic principles of composition
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What you will learn
  • Confidently use all the essential functions of your DSLR
  • Understand the fundamentals of photography
  • Improve your photography and take better photos in any situation

What to bring
  • DSLR camera
  • Basic lens
  • Charged battery
  • Memory card with enough free space
  • Your DSLR instruction manual
  • Note taking stuff: tablet/laptop/pad and pen
What to wear

Weather appropriate casual clothes


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