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Learn to Mosaic with Broken Ceramics, China, Glass

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Picassiette is a style of mosaic that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics - plates, dishes, cups, memoryware, tiles - and other found objects into the design. Picassiette is derived from a French term -“stolen from plate”

This is a fun and enjoyable process. Begin by scouring Oppe Shops, your kitchen cupboards, boxes of memorabilia; get out those broken cups and plates that you didn’t have the heart to throw away, and bring everything you can carry to the workshop. Plain looking things will be useful too. At the workshop, you will take what you know you want, and share the rest. This way, everyone should be able to find the colours that they want even if they haven’t sourced them themselves.

Together with your stash, you can add glass from my studio and can purchase any flowers or bits and pieces that I have here to make your piece. (items that are in my “special cupboards)”

You don’t have to be a brilliant mosaic artist to use this technique. If you have basic skills, you should attempt something more simple, like a picture frame, or a pot, or one flower. For those of you with more advanced skills, you can attempt a vase of flowers, or an animal’s face. Don’t be too ambitious with your design – do one face, or 2 – 3 flowers. All participants must come with a design, which you must please agree with me before we begin. If you are working on a board, your design should be 35cm x 28cm. I will need to know if the piece is going to be for indoor or outdoor.

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What you will learn
  • The workshop is designed to kick-start the process. Do not expect to complete your piece in one day. You can expect to have the skills and know-how to complete your piece either at home or by attending my studio after the workshop.
  • The know-how to make Picassiette Mosaics
What you will get
  • Includes board and all tools and equipment needed to make a mosaic.
  • Structured workshop, small class, practical hands-on workshop and attention from instructor.
  • Step-by-step how to instructions in making your mosaic , as well as knowledge and tips from experienced instructor
  • Deli Style lunch - Bagels (fish and vegetarian options), salad and fruit salad, mineral water, tea, coffee and biscuits.

What to bring
  • Your own ceramics, plates, crockery, china, memorabilia, black texter, reference diagram to fit 35cm x 28cm board, or base of your choice (pot, platter or whatever you are going to mosaic)
  • Also bring a black texter, ruler, pen and pencil.
What to wear

Casual; closed shoes

Appropriate for

Adults. This workshop is targeted at both people with no mosaic experience, and those with some experience. What you will make will depend on skill level.

After the Workshop

You will not complete your piece at the workshop. You can either continue at home, or attend sessions at Merryl's Mosaics for $22 per hour.

Merryl's Mosaics and Glass Studio is a mosaic and glass fusing studio where people come and learn to mosaic and fuse glass. Merryl's Mosaics is a creative, stimulating and inviting environment in which to learn, create, relax and express yourselves.

We run workshops and also have an open studio where you can come and create on an on-going basis. We also hold parties for children and adults, holiday programs and team building functions. Merryl’s Mosaics has been operating since 2008. We have taught thousands of people about the magic of mosaics!

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