Northcote Pottery Supplies

Northcote Pottery Supplies

Brunswick East, VIC

Large Group Pottery Activity (maximum 20 participants) $770

What to Bring

  • An apron

What to Wear

  • All workshops are hands on so bring appropriate clothing, old clothes or an apron. Covered shoes are a must.

Large Group Pottery Activity (maximum 20 participants) $770

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How to shape and manipulate clay
  • The basics of wheel throwing and/or hand building
  • Intro to working with clay

What You Get

  • A fun experience
  • Guidance from an experienced tutor
  • A taste for working with clay


LARGE GROUP POTTERY ACTIVITY  Maximum 20 participants (divided into two groups) Cost $770

OPTION 1: Each group participates in a 3 hour handbuilding activity 

OPTION 2: Each group participates in a 1.5 hour handbuilding activity a 1.5 hour wheel throwing activity

Northcote Pottery Supplies offers group activities for children, students, parties, businesses and corporate groups. Group workshops present a unique opportunity for learning new skills, team building or just having a great time! Bring your large group (max 20 participants) to Northcote Pottery Supplies and participate in a group pottery activity, conducted under the guidance of an experienced tutor. 

What is wheel throwing?

In wheel throwing participants will learn how to work with clay on a revolving pottery wheel. An experienced tutor will provide participants with an introduction to clay, how to centre clay on the wheel and create small dishes and forms. Wheel throwing is one of our most popular activities. Whilst challenging, it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill and get your hands dirty!

What is hand building?

In hand building participants will learn how to pinch and coil pots and forms, fundamental pottery techniques. Hand building is a more relaxed way of working with clay, which can create more 'natural' or assymetrical work.

Fees cover tuition and materials.

We offer an additional glazing and firing service for those groups that would like to keep their creations. For a large group activity the additional fee is $330.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Phone 9387 3911

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