Trevor Santos' Choreography Style 

Trevor Santos' style is commercial with a strong fluidity. Trevor's choreography often contains many weight transitions, challenging his students to improve their coordination and spatial awareness. Trevor emphasises the importance of enjoying what you are doing, ensuring that his students convey the intention behind the movement as opposed to merely repeating dance steps. 

About the Teacher - Trevor Santos

TREVOR SANTOS, director and founder of COLLEKTIVE (winners of Australian Hip Hop Championships 2011) has had a very colourful dance career since dancing at 15. Self-taught at first, his drive and passion in dance has allowed him to choreograph for international act (chinese superstar ‘Hangeng’ – 2012 mtv music awards winner), Marvin Priest, Chris Sebastian and most recently finished choreographing for Jhankar 2014 (bollywood musical). Well versed in the urban and hip hop styles, Trevor has been able to stretch his dance and performance as a dancer for ‘TJ – Michael Jackson tribute show’, Paul Malek’s contemporary double bill ‘Collide’, Carnival (Tony Tzar, Candace Brown, Lashaun, Leroy Curwood), and Undrgrnd. A highly sought after teacher, locally and nationally, Trevor continues to work on his craft and push those around him to reach beyond their standards.

Trevor Santos trained at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millenium Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle, Broadway Dance Centre, Passion Dance Studios, The Space Arts and Dance Centre, Unitd Stylez* international acts; for artists, choreographers, performances and tv/film.

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What you will learn
  • Improve your performance skills.
  • Gain confidence and develop your own dance style.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of contrast, levels and different movement textures in creating a dynamic routine.
What you will get
  • Meet Trevor Santos - an expert tuition from an experienced teacher.
  • Improve your balance, coordination, speed and agility.
  • Learn how to "style" the choreography to convey different emotions and attitudes.
  • Understand the importance of musicality in creating a dynamic routine.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
What to wear

Clothing and shoes suitable for dancing.

Appropriate for

Intermediate Level


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