Breaking Academy Beginner Class ONLINE

2 live online breaking classes.

Zoom Video Call
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Due to the recent Covid 19 Outbreak

In this special edition of the Breaking Academy we will be moving our service online!

Using the special online conference app zoom 

We will be delivering 6 x 40 minute classes 

The  BREAKING ACADEMY has been exclusively designed by Bboy Sette. It has been created for dedicated Bboys and Bgirls who are interested in training more extensively on their chosen art form. 

Make sure you have sufficient dance space to participate in the class to your best ability.

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What you will learn
  • Learn the Basic Breaking Fundementals
  • learn how to move to the rythm of the music
  • Learn som cool new moves you can show your friends
What you will get
  • A fun learning invironment
  • Private and safe app that will deliver training video, inspiration, chats and information.
  • Open door policy for parents to watch and be involved in their child's development.

What to bring
  • Drink bottle, towel, note book and pen, beanie
What to wear

Appropriate clothing that won't restrict your movement! No school uniforms

Appropriate for

Open Juniors interested to learn how to break dance!


Off The Street Hip Hop

Vendor since 2018

Off The Street Hip Hop is the dance company owned by Megan Ibrahim and Peter Sette. ‘Bringing hip hop to the kidz’ is their mission, one they achieve by running hip hop, breaking, acrobatic and art classes, workshops, school incursions, birthday parties, battles and various other events throughout each year.

Borne from a desire to provide an alternative style of dance classes for youth, they introduced ‘crew’ training, encouraging students to try something new and learn about the world of hip hop. Megan and Pete believe in the value of involving parents in their children’s education and promote a desire for inclusiveness of all family members, also working to educate parents in the importance of supporting their children’s self-expression.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

Payment in full is required to book and confirm your spot.
No refunds will be provided if the student has already started the term.
Full refund will be provided if the child has not started the term.
We understand that life can throw a little curve ball into your plans. If you run into any issues, please communicate with us and we will try to help you resolve the problem with little stress. If possible, we will work with you for a solution  suitable to both you and OTSHH. 

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Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

Off The Street Hip Hop will not tolerate any kind of bullying, mental, verbal or physical abuse of any kind towards staff throughout the term.

OTSHH will always work their hardest to create a kid-safe and judgement free space for every participant and parent.

Please know we use photos and footage on our social media networks, so you must inform us via email or in writing if there is a child or parent who requires exclusion from this. Please also confirm this with the OTSHH representative on the first day.

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