The CERES Team discovered that there were many aspects of WeTeachMe that were useful for what we wanted to achieve at CERES. The ease of looking at individual bookings, the email confirmations, the reminders, the ability to print off attendance sheets easily, and simple one-click bank transfers all contributed to making the running of CERES’ workshops and events a breeze.

I think what impresses me the most is the ease of which participants are able to book. The pages are well presented with amazing photos and are easy to navigate for the participant.

The ability for me to see at a glance from the dashboard participant numbers without having to go through numerous booking sheets is also advantageous.

With fairly short opening hours and busy reception staff, booking a workshop was a headache for our participants. End-of-day taking sheets with allocated areas to receive funds also took a lot of time for me to check over.

WeTeachMe now automates the entire experience saving me a significant amount of time, and our participants are able to book at any hour of the day, 7 days a week. Even on public holidays!

From the initial meetings where the system was shown to us to the all-nighter The WeTeachMe Team pulled in order for us to go live was effortless (on our part!), seamless and faultless. It was an amazing effort by The WeTeachMe Team.

What I like about WeTeachMe is the continual improvement philosophy that is the core of their business. They’re constantly thinking about, researching, designing and developing new features that add extra value.For example, we now have new widgets to capture the different dates of the same course which I am very pleased about.

The concession (discount) system with the new offerings is also great.

All of these new features, and the automated way in which the platform works makes it possible for us to expand our offerings in the future with minimal effort.

What continually impresses me is the customer service. The WeTeachMe Team really take their oath of incredible customer service to heart. Not only is it above and beyond what I would normally expect, their responses are prompt and precise.

Using WeTeachMe is extremely easy. The back-end is very user-friendly and amending and adding information is easy, quick and simple.

I would absolutely recommend WeTeachMe to others. From the service to the slick look, our page has received so many favourable comments.

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- Luisa Brown, Training Coordinator at CERES

Costanzo Brewing Consultants

The WeTeachMe Team really work hard to answer all questions in a timely manner, and work hard to find solutions for my business. I like that sort of service because that is the way I treat my customers too, so I expect the same philosophy from other companies that provide a service to me.

There were aspects of social media that were being under-utilised at Costanzo Brewing Consultants. The WeTeachMe Team came in and gave me expert guidance on how to create and integrate these services even though this is outside their normal scope of work.

I think that the younger generation have it over us older folk; their awareness of social media and computer services in general is amazing and I found The WeTeachMe Team very helpful pointing out how I can integrate social media with my existing MailChimp mail outs, and of course my website. In fact they did quite a bit to set up the links and even upgraded my website. Just brilliant!

Implementing the WeTeachMe system was incredibly easy, and for someone who isn’t as tech-savvy as the next person, that’s really saying something. The WeTeachMe Team were there every step of the way, provided great support, and to this still still provide great support.

I was previously using another platform which was a little cumbersome and I also had no way of talking with them if I had any concerns.

The previous platform also charged a student fee every time someone booked as well as a payment for use of PayPal which quickly adds up. WeTeachMe on the other hand charges a monthly fee so you always know how much you are up for.

When I first saw WeTeachMe, I could see the potential of it straightaway.

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- Vince Costanzo, Owner at Costanzo Brewing Consultants

Thread Den

After implementing WeTeachMe for my online/offline bookings and workshop management, I have enjoyed getting time to sleep back! Typical of so many small business operators, I am doing it all myself. That included teaching myself to update my website via a lot of Googling.

Before WeTeachMe, I had a makeshift online system that involved a static calendar timetable, a click through to an shopping platform, using the PayPal gateway and then emails to conclude the class booking with the client. Plus I was running a point of sale system from ‘the cloud’ to generate receipts and track the sales. Now, everything is automated.

The timetable widget being imported straight into my website is AMAZING. This alone gives me back approximately 15 hours of sleep a week. Between customers being able to choose their dates, book online, pay online, receive automated email confirmations and reminders, the time savings are significant. This has meant that I can get my team off the computer and into preparing classes and engaging with my customers.

I love the social links, the early bird pricing controls and the promo codes. I have also used the ability to email past class participants with updates on new classes that they may be interested in.

With my savings in online shop fees, PayPal fees, the point of sale vendor and reduced EFT fees (because all my customers book themselves online now!), I’m still ahead. PLUS, I have a response within minutes (even on Sunday mornings) from technical support if I have any queries.

I went with the full WeTeachMe subscription and haven’t looked back.

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- Dan Bamford, Owner at Thread Den

Malini Parker

Malini ParkerMy initial impressions of WeTeachMe were that of a friendly and proactive organisation where each team member I interacted with placed a high value on excellent service. This impression has persisted. The service I have received has been excellent.

The new system was relatively easy to implement, even for someone for whom any kind of new tech stuff is challenging! And when I ran into problems, (and I had many!) these were usually addressed quickly and prompt action taken where appropriate.

In learning the new system, I may have felt foolish, but I was never made to feel like one.

My new students have found the online enrolment process to be very smooth and easy. In the words of one, “The online booking system was fabulous very clear, easy-to-use, and self-explanatory.”

One the biggest advantages is having credit card facilities now, and with the automation of the bookings process, I look forward to my time being freed up a lot more.

I will be recommending it to others once things settle down.

The WeTeachMe Team are a great team. When I chat with Kym, I get the impression that I am dealing with a highly intelligent, motivated person who takes great pride in the company, someone who does his best to build bonds of trust and serve customers to the best of his ability.

Demi is charming and professional, and Martin is patient, long-suffering and has never complained about my many emails or phone calls!

Onwards and upwards. Here’s to a collaboration that leads to even greater success and service for both of us!

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- Malini Parker, Business Owner at Malini Parker

Ganache Chocolate

The team at Ganache Chocolate love the way WeTeachMe looks on our company website. It looks like it is a part of the website and the use of photography is beautiful. In the food industry, multimedia and photography is critical to make the content look both compelling and engaging and WeTeachMe’s design facilitates the engagement well.

We experienced a lot of front-of-house headaches prior to using the WeTeachMe platform to power our courses and events. The key problem areas were:

  1. Difficulty in keeping all front-of-house staff up-to-date
  2. Inconsistency in course messaging
  3. Tracking payments and course numbers
  4. Time spent on enquiries, bookings, managing

WeTeachMe removes all of this headache by automating the above. The best thing is that process is completely invisible. This is essential so that the management team at Ganache Chocolate can focus on growing the business rather than working on the boring repetitive tasks.

Not having to process payments in-store is probably one of the biggest benefits that we saw immediately with WeTeachMe. Not having to handle this process manually saved us a lot of headache, in both the administration process, and the later accounting reconciliation process.

We were originally curious what would happen to the booking process after implementing WeTeachMe given that we were taking them all manually in-store previously. What we didn’t expect was that now 90% of our course bookings occur online.

This has completely freed up our front-of-house staff to concentrate on the other aspects of Ganache Chocolate such as servicing in-store customers.

WeTeachMe saves a lot of time for our front-of-house staff which is what we needed. As with any system that is implemented, the goals should be to save time and money, and the WeTeachMe platform solves these areas in spades. 

Implementing WeTeachMe was very hassle free, in part due to the excellent customer service we experienced. The WeTeachMe Team is supportive and happy to help in any instance. If we had any questions, all we had to do was shoot an email across and we received a quick response.

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- Peta Simkin, Course Coordinator at Ganache Chocolate

York Butter Factory

York Butter FactoryWeTeachMe allows us to organise community-centric activities in an organised and simple manner. We’ve had members of the community and guests comment on the quality of the way we managed events thanks to using WeTeachMe!

As WeTeachMe provides a hassle-free way for us at York Butter Factory to set events up, we’ve had many recurring events and one-off events that have been facilitated through WeTeachMe.

A huge value add is the hands-on approach that The WeTeachMe Team bring to the table. Any requests are handled swiftly, and they’re always ready to answer any questions we have.

Special mention also goes out to the simple way in which The WeTeachMe Software collects information about attendees. We’ve had to reschedule events in the past and having information on how to contact our attendees was a huge time-saver.

Not having a standardised course and event management system for us to use to promote our events – especially recurring events – was a big headache for us. WeTeachMe solves this by allowing us to “set it and forget it” which is perfect for us.

The WeTeachMe Team take their customer support very seriously, often going above and beyond the call of duty. They're also always a pleasure to talk to. This type of service is increasingly rare in today's world and a key point of differentiation for them.

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- Jason Lim, Community Manager at York Butter Factory

Convent Bakery

Convent BakeryWeTeachMe helps us a lot in terms of growing our revenue while at the same time reducing our admin work. In fact, we don’t have to worry about staffing the phone for taking bookings anymore, and replying to countless emails are a thing of the past. Now, everything works automatically. Thanks to this, we now have more time to focus on our customers and improving our courses. In addition to this, we now offer even more courses such as our Gluten Free Break Making Class.

I honestly believe that the WeTeachMe platform is absolutely perfect. Implementing it is easy too because the WeTeachMe team will do everything for you. It’s almost like they don’t sleep. Whatever the problem, they will resolve it. Moreover, Kym, Demi, and Martin are always professional and fun to work with. In fact, we received our first booking only one day after implementing WeTeachMe.

Using the WeTeachMe technology makes our lives so much easier. In addition to this, it exposes you to business ideas that you may not have been aware of. For example, we can now manage all our electronic vouchers automatically which was something that we were not able to do previously.

I absolutely recommend WeTeachMe to anyone looking to bring their business to the next level. Not only does it make everything feel like magic, it provides benefits not only for your business, but also for your business’ customers. The team at Convent Bakery can’t recommend WeTeachMe and the dedicated team behind it highly enough. The difference it makes for us is invaluable.

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- Daniela Martino, Human Resource Adviser at Convent Bakery

Bulleen Art & Garden

Bulleen Art & GardenThe WeTeachMe system makes co-ordinating and promoting our gardening classes and art workshops a breeze. The easy-to-follow user interface is set up in a way that requires minimal staff training; new users are up and running within 15 minutes.

We tested quite a few systems and none came close to WeTeachMe for ease of use and features for both staff as well as our customers. Transferring our classes and workshops from the old system was quick and painless.

The support staff at WeTeachMe have been fantastic during our setup period, nothing is too much trouble for them. They encourage us to offer suggestions and feedback on how the system could work better for us, no matter how trivial. This level of customer support is very rare in the online world today.

We see the WeTeachMe site itself as a very important destination site for people in the future, and the cross-promotional opportunities that exist by being a part of this are fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WeTeachMe to any sized business that runs classes or workshops.

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- Julian Agius, Head of IT at Bulleen Art & Garden

Taste Trekkers

Sally Lynch - Taste TrekkersWeTeachMe has literally overhauled my business. I am finally free to do what I do best and actively engage more customers.

As a one woman show I found taking bookings, although thrilling, very time consuming and would quite often lose track mid-confirmation. It’s hard juggling all those balls and processing orders and it all became a bit of a crazy mess. Some days I would have people turning up for classes that I was unaware of.

I love receiving the emails from WeTeachMe simply notifying me of bookings – I don’t have to do a thing! When I have a class I simply print off my attendance sheet or if I need to convey information to the class – one quick email is all it takes. Furthermore, I love that I am able to personalise the confirmation that my clients are sent and add any other bits of information that I think they need.

WeTeachMe really came at the perfect time and was so easy to roll out as Kym and the team did it all for me. I just woke up one morning to find my website a whole lot slicker and more efficient.

The team at WeTeachMe are dedicated to providing the best online booking and course/event management service they can. All feedback is acted upon immediately and any problems that I have are solved almost instantaneously. Do they sleep?

My business is about to expand and I needed to be on top of all the administration that was taking all my time away from building the business I wanted. WeTeachMe has literally taken a load off my mind and set me free to do the fun stuff and do lots more classes.

My clients have commented on the ease and efficiency in their transactions now and how great it is to have instant confirmation and how much more professional it is. I rest easy knowing that they are being given great service from my business and can spend more time doing what I love.

I would totally recommend WeTeachMe to anyone who offers a course. The great thing is that when you are not in the office, the office is still working. I travel a lot taking tours so for me it has been truly brilliant and a “game changer” to my business.

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- Sally Lynch, Director of Taste Trekkers

Enoteca Sileno

Enoteca SilenoWhat impresses us most about using the WeTeachMe platform to manage our courses and events is that it “thinks” of everything. Working with the WeTeachMe team has been important for the growth of our business so we’re able to reach a broader audience.

WeTeachMe streamlines our booking process. Purchasing tickets, customer notifications, and number updating is now all automatic and incredibly easy.

Internet presence and digital interface is essential for the marketing of any product nowadays. If your business is inaccessible in a digital context, you pretty much don’t exist. WeTeachMe solves this problem in more than one way.

I would highly recommend WeTeachMe to anyone looking to bring their business to the next level with regard to customer service. I think it has the potential to enhance a business’s credibility. In a saturated market, a business must do something to set itself apart from the din — WeTeachMe has given Enoteca Sileno a certain edge that we were ready to embrace.

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- Avery Affholter, Co-Ordinator at Enoteca Sileno

Cupcake Central

Sheryl - Cupcake CentralWe started using WeTeachMe just over a couple of months ago and since then we have seen immense improvements in efficiency and also experienced an increase of booking sales. We have also increased revenue in gift voucher sales which was an area we hadn’t identified as a big gap in the past – with the introduction of this new online feature we have increased sales of gift vouchers by 400%!

From spending two hours a day manually booking participants into our Cupcake Workshops to less than 15 minutes a week, it has dramatically freed up our time to focus on other important aspects of running a business.

If any technical difficulties or issues arise, there has always been a quick turnaround time with solutions and fantastic support from the WeTeachMe team. The usability of the system is fantastic and we were able to get the system running in no time at all, with very small amount of training needed.

We highly recommend this system to anyone that requires an online booking system for their classes or workshops as it has helped us in ways we could only dream of. From usability and efficiency perspectives to increasing our sales, we will be using the WeTeachMe online system to assist our business to grow.

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- Sheryl Thai, Founder and Co-Owner of Cupcake Central