The Team

Founding Team

Cheng Zhu
Cheng has lead, developed and executed multiple web-based projects with a focus on agile development. Cheng is highly proficient in PHP, Ruby, Java, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and has extensive experience with web-based systems.

Demi Markogiannaki
With a Master in Global Media Communications, Demi brings strong communication skills in addition to cross-team working, client management and event management skills. Demi has extensive experience across education and communications, starting as a private tutor during university and then crossing over to the role of a journalist.

Kym Huynh
Awarded an Honorable Mention in Anthill's "30under30 Entrepreneur of the Year", Kym comes from an extensive international team management background as Chief Operating Officer of the Ivy League The Triple Helix organization, and specializes in rapid prototyping and execution coupled with strong marketing and communication skill sets.

Martin Kemka
Martin has extensive experience as an Analytics Consultant developing predictive analytical solutions for a number of Australia’s leading financial, telecommunication and utilities companies. Martin has experience introducing and leading knowledge management programs within organisations such as GE Capital that have earned him distinctions such as the GE Retailer Solutions Imagination award and the GE Risk Knowledge award.