Relevant to Vendors

  1. Fees are 4% + 20 cents for all transactions and are inclusive of all bank charges, merchant charges and processing costs. These feels apply to customers that come from a vendor's website and/or vendor's own marketing initiatives.
  2. Fees are GST inclusive.
  3. Fees are not refundable.
  4. Fees are applied to single transactions.
  5. American Express and PayPal payments are also optional forms of payment and come with their own fee structures. To activate American Express or PayPal payment options and view their associated fees visit the "Add-Ons" page.
  6. Marketing Program Only: Any confirmed bookings through WeTeachMe's marketplace (https://weteachme.com/, email newsletters, social media and partnerships are charged at 20%.

Relevant to Consumers

Gift card redemption incurs fees per transaction and are charged to consumers.