French lesson in "The French Kitchen" - N°1- Bake authentic Madeleine!


--> Calling all French students, come and have fun with us baking in the French Kitchen <--

Bonjour Everyone!

Do you want to practice your French and learn how to make a delicious authentic Madeleine?

Pick up new vocabulary, expressions and French cooking skills. 

This class is suitable for French student with intermediate level with no previous baking experience or for more experienced cooks.

It will be a wonderful occasion to meet new people and learn something!

We'll provide Ingredients, Equipment, Recipe and Apron.

We're looking forward to meeting you, speaking French and baking with you soon!

Fanny & Sandra

Sandra, The French Pastry Chef

I have created Petite Chérie, the online shop specialised in French pastries, few month ago. Petite Chérie, pâtisserie française, provides authentic French cakes 100% handmade with traditional recipes. As I am French, I trained as a pastry chef in Paris (France) and came to share with you in Melbourne a fine selection of the most famous pastries. I use only natural ingredients (nothing artificial! No additive, no preservative, no artificial colour or flavour).

Fanny, The French Teacher

I am a native french speaker, who is not only passionate about my mother tongue but also in French culture and food. I am a French language teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in French as a Foreign Language. I lived in Germany, Ireland and Canada before settling in Australia 4 years ago. I have recently opened a French school – FRENCH Space - with classes and workshops for children, teenagers and adults in Brunswick. I look forward to sharing my passion for all things French and particularly the French language.

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What you will learn
  • Learn the French vocabulary related to Kitchen, Ingredients and Cooking
  • Hands-on cooking class : baking the authentic French Madeleine
  • Speak French and use past tenses (no language barrier!)
What you will get
  • Learn how to bake with the qualified French pastry chef: Sandra
  • Learn the basics from the qualified teacher and native speaker: Fanny
  • Discover the History of the Madeleine
  • At the end of the class, enjoy a cup of tea and the Madeleine that you will have cooked yourself
  • Develop your French speaking and listening skills
  • Learn how to express your feelings and memories in French
  • Speak French like a native, break the barrier language and have fun!

What to bring
  • An open mind and a smile :-)
What to wear


Appropriate for

Intermediate French Students. No prior experience in baking required.


Petite Chérie

Vendor since 2016

Meet Petite Chérie


I’m Sandra, a passionate gourmet pastry chef originally from Paris, who chose to move to Australia and fell in love with the city of Melbourne, capital of fashion, culture and gastronomy.

I trained in Paris, France and qualified through production experience at prestigious Parisian pastry shops.


In France, food is more than just a part of the culture, it’s an Art. Setup a beautiful table, appreciate refined dishes and share with friends and family.

The greatest French pastry chefs in history worked to develop the best recipes and found the perfect balance between flavour and textures, between tastes and sensations.

My idea is to offer a new experience and sharing the authentic taste of pastries from my country. I focus on a selective collection of the most famous French recipes.


Working with premium and natural ingredients is of the highest importance. Free range eggs only. No artificial flavour, no artificial colour, no additive and no preservative.

I prioritise ingredients from local suppliers. Cakes are 100% handmade, from scratch to finish. Only to order, to ensure maximum freshness. I want to make sure that I give you the best. You know you’re getting“heaps” of goodness every time you order!

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