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Muhubo is a traditional artist from Somalia. She learnt to weave from her mother and her grandmother. She blends colours and textures with amazing weaves in differing sizes. Her work highlights the importance of traditional processes handed down through generations. In this upcoming workshop I will be teaching everyone how to make a beautiful traditional Somali wall hanging, that everyone can take home and hopefully love. It will be made of bamboo sticks and wool, for images just go to my Instagram Page: @Qaymiarts.

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What you will learn
  • Somali Culture
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  • Take home what they create

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Muhubo Suleiman was born in Somalia, East Africa and is highly skilled in traditional cultural crafts, such as weaving and Henna Art. Muhubo's ultimate dream is to build a hut, showcasing her cultural heritage and reconnecting to her childhood. Muhubo learnt this craft from her mother and from the age of 5 watched on as influential female elders in her community created huts, bags and rugs using a variety of materials. The bags hold a key element in Somali history, being that women wore them as a show of strength and the completion of a weaving taught by elders and passed down by generation. Allowing women to express themselves through their handbag, it also acted as a protector, as many women placed valuable materials in this bag.

Muhubo’s design connects both tradition and newer materials to uphold the culture and create a balance between the two so that generations past present and future are included and celebrated.

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