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Drink n' Draw Uncensored

Draw. Drink. Laugh.

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Drink n' Draw Uncensored is a great way to kick off your Friday evening!

These beginner friendly art sessions will be lead by Artist Brett McClare and Creative Arts Director, Sheena Chundee.

During each session, you'll be encouraged to complete fun and creative exercises that will have you thinking, drawing, sketching and scribbling, all whilst you sip on a wine or three, and nibble on your favourite snacks. Exercises will be based around art therapy techniques which will provide you with a creative outlet but also help you to unwind and self express. 

What's the catch you ask? could get crass!
There will be plenty of humour (we use that term loosely), banter, storytelling and anecdotal tit for tat.

We welcome all our guests to pitch in. We would love to get to know you! Tell us your weird and wonderful tales, have a good moan, share your thoughts and set your mind and spirit FREE...or just listen to us ramble.

ANYTHING GOES! These workshops are about uncensoring yourself verbally and artistically. There's no judgement. This will be a "place" to share, create, or just listen. 

We do ask everyone to respect each other. These sessions are not available to those who discriminate, judge or bully. Anyone who takes things "too far" will be removed from the Zoom session. No sexual content or behaviour will be allowed.


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What you will learn
  • Simple art therapy techniques that will help them to develop creatively and also unwind mentally.
What you will get
  • A fun class that allows everyone an opportunity to unwind, eat, drink, catch up with friends and learn how to draw!

What to bring
  • Paper, pencils (normal and coloured), or felt tip pens, or crayons.
What to wear

No dress code. Pajamas are perfectly acceptable.

Appropriate for

Everyone.....that is 18 and older.


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08 May 2020 • Drink n' Draw Uncensored

Great fun and a really positive place to have a go at drawing. The presenters are friendly and funny but making sure you are onto the task - no time for anxious dithering! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Rebel Stepz


Thanks so much Jan! We had so much fun with all of you. Hope to see you again soon!

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