Funtastic Acrylics with Jenni Kelly-The Egret

What to Bring

  • See materials list in description.
  • Bring an apron and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Canvas Size around 20x28inches

What to Wear

  • Bring an apron and wear comfortable shoes.

Funtastic Acrylics with Jenni Kelly-The Egret

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class duration: 6 hours

What You Will Learn

  • Be prepared to scrape, spray, fling, throw, roll and glaze paint.
  • Get a greater understanding of Acrylics and a new found confidence.
  • Discover creative fun acrylic methods.

What You Get

  • Expert tuition from an experienced teacher
  • Mastery over basic creative techniques
  • The bird painting of your own.


The Egret

Jenni's unorthodox approach to acrylic painting will bring out the creative you, experiment with her impressionistic methods enjoying demonstrations and Jennie's individual guidance.  Be prepared to scrape, spray, fling, throw, roll, glaze & PLAY WITH ACRYLICS! You will leave the workshop with a new found creative confidence and a greater understanding of managing acrylics.

List of materials needed for the workshop

One Canvas

ACRYLIC PAINTS (any good brand) Atelier, Matisse. Most of the following colours are Atelier.

  • White, (Matisse Structure) Antique White, Naples Yellow, Jaune Brilliance   
  • (warm) Cadmium Red,  (cool) Naphthol Red 
  • (warm) Cadmium  Yellow, (cool) Lemon Light Hansa    
  • (warm) Ultramarine  Blue, (cool) Pthalo Blue

Some transparent colours   

  • Red Gold, Paynes Grey,  Dioxazine  Purple, Ultramarine Blue,  Pthalo Blue , Olive Green   
  • Other favourites Brilliant Magenta, Brilliant Orange, Pacific Blue, Cobalt Turquoise light hue
  • (Matisse Structure) Australian Yellow Green, Aqua Green Light and Permanent Light Violet   
  • Copper and  Pale Gold - these are metallic paints available in both Matisse Structure and Atelier

Acrylic Satin Medium Varnish (optional) - I recommend Matisse

Other items to bring   

  • Credit Cards, and  tile scrapers    
  • A few hard pastels    
  • One large palette knife (approximately 4cm by 10cm)    
  • A variety of bristle brushes    
  • One set of Gesso brushes (three in a pack)    
  • Spray bottle, Chux rags, and a good size water container    
  • Plastic table covers.

All canvases or watercolour papers are to be primed with one coat of Gesso before we start.

You are welcome to bring your own reference relating to the workshop.

The Tutor Jenni Kelly will also bring references. 

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Feb 2017

A great Tutor with a relaxed style which is lots of fun. I thought a little expensive for one day.

Feb 2017

Fantastic and funtastic day! Jenni is a great teacher and you feel like the day is yours rather than just a demonstration. I learned heaps.