Farmers in Southwest Victoria grow some of the best lamb in the world.  It is not unusual for up to 50,000 lambs to be sold through the Hamilton Saleyards during peak season.  More and more people are seeking the skill of butchery as part of the slow food movement.

Our Lamb Butchering Class covers basic butchery practice, then we demonstrate how lamb is broken down into its primal cuts, whilst at the same time explaining different uses for each cut of meat.

This is a great opportunity to learn about some lesser known cuts and how to prepare them; and why we approach each cut differently.

Then it will then be your turn to pick up a knife and prepare your own cut of meat.

This is a "hands on class" and the classes are limited to 8 people with an experienced butcher to guide you.

You will take home the meat that you butcher on the night shared amongst the group by weight.


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What you will learn
  • About the different cuts of lamb
  • Basic knife skills
  • About how lamb is broken down into is cuts
What you will get
  • A greater knowledge of the different cuts of lamb and their uses.
  • Practical skills to use in your kitchen at home.
  • Meat to take home with you (a whole lamb will be broken down and shared between participants by weight)
  • A set of class notes

What to bring
  • If you have a knife set bring it along
  • Notepad and pen if you'd like to take notes.
  • An apron
What to wear

Casual clothes that WILL get dirty

Appropriate for




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Terms & Conditions

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The Skill Shop provides classes taught by people with real industry skills.  Our classes are about participation, fun and learning.

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We only use these through newsletters and social media – if you have a real problem with it, just let us know before class.


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At the Skill Shop we do our very best to ensure all scheduled classes run.  Sometimes life happens and we may need to cancel if there is an illness or we just don’t get enough participants for the class.

We try to have at least 5 in any class – but if we have to cancel we’ll let you know via email and SMS as soon as possible.  A full refund or credit will be issued.


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