Form & Surface: Hand Built Pottery & Ceramics - mixed levels

What to Bring

  • Notebook and pen
  • Camera if you wish
  • Apron and towel

What to Wear

  • Comfortable clothes you don't mind getting a bit dirty!

Form & Surface: Hand Built Pottery & Ceramics - mixed levels

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This course takes place once a week for 8 weeks

What You Will Learn

  • Beginners learn many different ways to make clay shapes and forms by hand and explore an exciting array of options for decorating surfaces
  • All students learn to finish and glaze their pieces
  • Intermediate level students explore forms and surfaces at a deeper level and start to develop their own strong pathways

What You Get

  • New knowledge, skills and your own creations!
  • Tuition from an experienced teacher and ceramic artist
  • Optional access to our Studio Access Times (offered 4 days per week)


Level: Mixed level Beginners & Intermediate. 

Students will investigate different approaches to working with clay using hand-built and sculptural techniques. Beginners start with a structured program of playful, experimental projects designed to give them knowledge and experience and move towards individual projects when their skills permit. Intermediate students build upon their experience extending the range of options with materials and techniques and carefully guided and encouraged to develop an individual direction.

Internationally renowned ceramic artist and experienced teacher, Prue Venables, provides a seductive smorgasbord of clay activities designed to open your mind to many possibilities with clay forms and surfaces and guide you to understand a range of materials including clays and finishes. Prue's outstanding knowledge and experience with ceramics will be an inspiration!

Whatever your level of capability you can work at your own pace to make pieces by hand and explore an exciting array of options for their surfaces. Students constantly feedback that this course provides a deep and broad understanding of possibilities with clay. This is a great class for people who don't want to be limited to the concentric! See where it leads you...


1. Studio Access Times (SATs) are available at selected times to all enrolled students. Conditions apply. Continuing students receive 2 free sessions per term inc unlimited clay.

2. The fee is inclusive of all materials but firing is $8.50/kg extra due at the end of the term.

Instructor: Prue Venables

Experience: Beginners & Intermediate (mixed levels)

Priority booking is given to continuing students who renew each term.

This course comprises 8 weekly classes.

Terms & Conditions:

Please choose your classes carefully. Due to our limited class sizes, once you've booked and paid either the deposit or the full fee, we will only refund what you have paid if the class is cancelled by us. If you find your circumstances change and you are unable to attend after all you may transfer your booking to a friend for no charge or, if we can fill your place, we will hold your payment for up to 12 months for any future course or workshop. Please keep in mind it is not possible to find a replacement student at short notice or after the term has started. 

Please note: when paying by deposit online the balance is automatically deducted from the same credit card three weeks before the course start date through our booking agency We Teach Me. If you receive unwanted emails from We Teach me, please unsubscribe from them and it will not affect our communication with you.

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Jun 2017

Absolutely loved the class! I was originally trying to get into Wheel throwing but being booked up, so I did the hand building class instead. I can't recommend it enough. Pilar our teacher was wonderful too. Lots of fun and very relaxing, learnt a lot in a short time. Looking forward to going again next term.


Fabulous class! In the 8 weeks, we covered a large range of hand-building techniques, worked with three types of clay, and explored different styles of surface decoration. There's so much to learn and a lot of freedom to follow your own personal direction. It's a great introduction to hand-building. I have done wheel classes with Slow Clay too, and highly recommend both Form and Surface and the wheel courses! I think with Form and Surface - the sheer amount of possibility and numerous techniques, means that this course will be perfect for you if you have a clear vision of things you'd like to make, and know where you want to experiment/develop with your own work. If you prefer less decision-making - I'd maybe go for wheel classes first - with the wheel you are limited to making concentric shapes (small bowls and teacups to start with) so there's less need to think about developing your own personal projects, and it might feel less overwhelming than the super-packed-full-of-techniques Form & Surface! Both are really excellent, just depends what you're after!


As my first foray into ceramics, this class was a great introduction to basic techniques, different clays, learning about slips, glazing and firing. An excellent foundation for future workshops. That being said, there were others in the class who were more experienced and it was so great to be able to see what they were working on and hear about their learning progression. I enjoyed this slow clay so much I've signed up for next semester :)

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