Body Language & Style Workshop

What to Bring

  • A notebook
  • Pen or pencil

What to Wear

  • Whatever you feel like x

Body Language & Style Workshop

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Greater awareness of your own body language
  • What you wear and how it impacts your life
  • The style secret called Illusion Dressing and how to apply it

What You Get

  • Understand body language and communication
  • How to create a good first impression by using body language
  • How to interpret the signals of others
  • What colour suits you and how to wear it


Our non verbal communication influences the way we interact with others, but how aware are we of this? And how can we enhance our own communication and with others to make it to a success ?

In this 1.5 hour workshop we will teach you the basics of Body Language and Personal Styling. At the end of the workshop you will be more aware of your own personal communication and the choices you can make in this.

It is going to be a great session and we will have fun moments too. You are invited and welcome to bring your partner or friends  who might be interested.

We look forward to meeting you

Stacey and Sascha

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