Boost your Charisma, Confidence and Style Workshop

What to Bring

  • A notebook
  • Pen or pencil

What to Wear

  • Whatever you feel like x

Boost your Charisma, Confidence and Style Workshop

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Saturday, 27 June 2015, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

What You Will Learn

  • Tools and advice to become (more) charismatic
  • What you wear and how it impacts your life
  • The style secret called Illusion Dressing and how to apply it

What You Get

  • Understand body language and communication
  • How to create a good first impression by using body language
  • How to interpret the signals of others
  • What colour suits you and how to wear it


This full day workshop will help you gain the skills and confidence you need in order to achieve your goals.

Who is this for? If you want to:

  • Improve the way you present yourself in situations such as interviews, performance reviews meetings or networking events
  • Be sure what messages your image is saying about you
  • Make sure your body language mirrors positive attributes such as confidence, strength, friendliness
  • Increase your ability to persuade others

What will you will learn?

  • What Is Charisma?
  • The importance of body language, connecting and interacting with others
  • Tools and advice to become (more) charismatic 
  • Group session with exercises
  • Personal one on one coaching session with each participant to enhance charisma
  • Hand outs with useful information
  • Learn what colours suit you
  • What colours you should wear to boost your mood and personality
  • How best to dress your body shape
  • One on one 10 steps to build your personal brand session

This workshop is very personalised in order for you to get the attention you need. There are only 10 participants in total which a split up into groups of 5 on the day.

About the Presenters

Stacey Taras, Personal Branding Specialist and Image Consultant

Stacey has presented workshops internationally for global companies, styled industry leaders andeveryday people. She has worked with models in photo shoots and fashion events. She loveworking one on one conducting styling sessions in which she specializes in helping people discovertheir inner qualities, teaching them on how to best reflect those attributes to the world aroundthem. Her philosophy is simple but profound. She believes through the gift of confidence, herclients can capitalize on every opportunity and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Sacha Hulsebosch, Charisma Coach

Sacha is a Charisma Coach and originally from The Netherlands. Sacha coaches men and women toenhance their charisma in personality, communication, presentation, interaction and awareness ofpersonal style, qualities and power. She has many years of experience in presenting workshops,training and personal coaching for Dutch Government, Commercial Companies, Universities andwith individuals. She believes that everyone has the quality to add something special in and toevery situation.

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