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Studio Faro

Marrickville, NSW

Personal Block Development SKIRTS - Private Group Bookings Available

What to Bring

  • Your enthusiasm!
  • All materials and equipment are provided by studio faro for the workshop. Please feel free to bring your favourite pencil or pattern making equipment.
  • Any questions you may have about skirts you have made or existing patterns you are working on. There's plenty of time for you to ask questions during the session.

What to Wear

  • Please wear shoes that cover and protect your feet. It's a workshop environment and we're keen to keep your toes safe. :)

Appropriate For

  • Introductory level - suitable for students of all skill levels.

Personal Block Development SKIRTS - Private Group Bookings Available

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 9 hrs.
  • This workshop is run over 2 sessions starting with a full day (6hrs 10-16.00 hrs.) for your first personal-fit toile pattern. Then 1 week later a Fit&Alter afternoon (3hrs 13-16.oo hrs.) to perfect the fit of your skirt block.

What You Will Learn

  • How to achieve personal fit in skirt patterns using our industry-standard fitted blocks.
  • The specific zones of fit and alteration in skirt patterns.
  • How to work confidently in fitting all your skirt patterns!

What You Get

  • Expert tuition from an experienced teacher!
  • Demonstrations of all block alterations and personal fit changes.
  • A basic skirt block ready to be tested for your own personal fit and use
  • A Fit Rules Chart to calculate specific changes to the skirt block and understand how this information will apply to all skirt pattens in your stash.
  • Experience using industry standard pattern making equipment and materials during the workshop at no extra charge.
  • A half-day Fit & Alter session has been added, to the usual one day workshop, to make sure you succeed in achieving an excellent fit.
  • A comprehensive materials and suppliers listing featuring Anita's favourite sources.
  • A detailed workbook with many diagrams and instructions from the days training.


The aim of this new format workshop (1.5 days) is to equip you with a personal-fit skirt block to enable you to work confidently in pattern making new designs.  Using our industry-standard blocks, you'll develop a basic skirt block for your own personal fit and use.  This workshop is suitable for students of all skill levels and of special interest to sewers and pattern makers who want to understand their own personal Fit Rules. 

In the first day of training: students use a detailed set of their own body measurement to modify an industry standard trouser block.  All pattern alterations for personal-fit needs (Hip Tilt, Full Flat Butt Adjust, etc.) will be demonstrated during the session and carried out by each student where required.  Taking body measurements and understanding your own Fit Rules is a crucial aspect of these workshops.  Many of the standard fit alterations used in pattern making will be covered in a detailed workbook that is included in the workshop fee.

At the end of the first day of training you'll leave with a first toile block pattern ready to be cut, sewn and fitted.  This 1.5 day workshop is spread over a 1 week period to give you an opportunity to toile and fit your basic skirt block and make the appropriate pattern changes.  A half-day Fit & Alter session has been added, to the usual one day workshop, to make sure you succeed in achieving an excellent fit.  As you work your way through the toile making process you'll gain a greater understanding of the Fit Rules and pattern alterations required to get all patterns to work for you.

The focus is this workshop is on fit and balance and does not include individual garment or design detail.  After completing this training, you'll leave confident in your understanding of your skirt block, and ready to begin basic pattern making to be able produce your own skirt design patterns.

Important Notes

This workshop is perfect for three students, so get your friends together and email me to schedule your private workshop. The price below is the total workshop fee. Once you've made your booking I'll be in touch! :)


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