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Jersey Twist Patterns - 'In An Afternoon!'

What to Bring

  • Your enthusiasm!
  • All materials and equipment are provided by studio faro for the workshop. Please feel free to bring your favourite pencil or pattern making equipment.
  • Any jersey twist designs that fascinate you as a designer. There is time for you to ask questions during the session.

What to Wear

  • Please wear shoes that cover and protect your feet. It's a workshop environment and we're keen to keep your toes safe. :)

Appropriate For

  • Suitable for students with a basic understanding of pattern making.

Jersey Twist Patterns - 'In An Afternoon!'

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

What You Will Learn

  • How to work with my Knit Block to cut interesting drape patterns and take advantage of many of the Pattern Puzzle blog posts.
  • The pattern making techniques required to achieve twist patterns with two-way stretch knits.
  • You will learn about seam and hem allowances and specialist machinery for knit garments.

What You Get

  • Expert tuition from an experienced teacher!
  • You will gain confidence in your creative and technical pattern making decisions.
  • You will leave with a completed Jersey Twist Pattern ready for your first sample make.
  • A clear understanding of the different knit fabrics and the most appropriate to use for twist patterns.
  • A comprehensive materials and suppliers listing featuring Anita's favourite sources.
  • A detailed workbook covering all the days training, new designs, diagrams and much more.
  • The order of construction (sewing) for this interesting Jersey Twist design.


This afternoon workshop is an opportunity to work through one of Studio Faro's most popular #PatternPuzzles and cut a Jersey Twist Top for your own use.  This is my chance to share the pattern making methods behind my Jersey Twists and many other designs on my blog well-suited.

Starting with my industry ready knit block, students will work to their nearest size to create a Jersey Twist Top Pattern.  Using professional materials and equipment you will all make a detailed pattern plan (to keep) for the development of your jersey twist pattern.  Then students will trace the front pattern and use either the 'cut & paste' or pivoting technique to complete the next stage of the pattern.  These pattern developments have the potenial to make a single or double twist top pattern.

There will be demonstrations and discussions around the variation found in knit fabrics and the specific qualitites we look for when making jersey twist patterns.  All stages of this process are demonstrated by me and samples are available for students to inspect.  There will be discussion about the effective use of grain for these patterns and a clear order of construction (sewing) for you to use at home.

All students will leave the workshop with a completed pattern and receive a detailed workbook covering the afternoons training and more. Pattern making materials and equipment are provided for use at the studio during the workshop at no extra charge.  

This workshop does not include sewing or the detail of achieving your own personal fit; but focusses on pattern making adaptations for these jersey twists. Achieving your own personal fit blocks is covered in my Personal Block Development Workshops.

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Jun 2016

Another excellent class. As a home sewer this project focused 'dip' into pattern making is a lovely way to learn new skills and concepts, that have a practical application as well as take home patterns. Understanding how the twist is created opens up possibilities to adapt other patterns in future as well as design options such as tops and dresses, twist at bust or waist (front or back), with v-neck or boat neck or cowl, symmetrical or asymmetrical. Great instructor, really enjoyed the afternoon.

Mar 2016

Anita is definitely a little known secret. I enjoyed this class thoroughly and would definitely do more, There was as little or as much to learn as you wanted, I was inspired and very excited to apply what I learned. Anita was both generous and a well of information that she was happy to pass on. This class allowed you to draft a pattern for yourself, rather than a standard industry pattern as I have done in other courses where yo come home with something you cannot use. Studio Faro has you leaving with a totally useable pattern for you if that is what you desire, and desire I did. Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and fun. Nieves