Acting Technique Class – Term 4 (1 Class Per Week)


Have you ever wondered what an actor means when they say they are “in the moment”?

Our Acting Technique Classes will answer that question. These classes teach the actor to get out of their own way and allow their performance to flow.

Centred on high stakes dramatic improvisation these classes teach the actor to get out of their own way and get in touch with what drives them.

This course covers all the essential skills an actor needs:

  • Focusing on the other actor, not your emotion.
  • Living truthfully under imagined circumstances.
  • Making high stakes choices.
  • Understanding the anatomy of the scene.
  • Affecting the other actor (actions).
  • Motivational Techniques.
  • Scene Analysis.
  • Characterisation.

The Acting Technique classes are built on a full training curriculum that progresses from term to term, introducing students to new techniques every 6 weeks and building on what has been mastered in the previous term.

Students can attend up to 3 classes per week and it can be taken on its own or paired with the Advanced Camera class for a fuller learning experience.

Richard Cornally - Artistic Director

Richard studied at ATYP and is a graduate of The Actors Studio Australia. He has been training actors since 2006 and became General Manager of The Actors Studio Australia in 2010.

Richard is a passionate and focused teacher. His recent acting credits include Bedroom Farce (Darlinghurst Theatre), Tom and Nicole (Melbourne Comedy Festival) and the feature film Twenty Ten, which won Best Picture at The Clearwater Film Festival in Florida. In 2012 he produced and performed in The Credeaux Canvas at Sydney’s iconic Tap Gallery.

In 2015 Richard collaborated with Subtle Nuance for the third instalment of their Table Talk series And Now To Bed. He is also set to direct the first episode of a new web series called The Bench later this year.

When not acting Richard is journeyman writer, studying and tutoring at The Writers’ Studio in Bronte. His understanding of text and it’s requirements allows him to give his students a broader understanding of the actors role in theatre, film and television.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 4 Hours x 6 Weeks

What you will learn
  • Focusing on the other actor, not your emotion.
  • Understanding the anatomy of the scene.
  • Motivational techniques, scene analysis, and characterisation
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from an expert coach!

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm!
What to wear



The Sydney Drama School

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The Sydney Drama School has one simple goal: to offer flexible, high quality training for developing and established actors in an environment that is both supportive and professional.

At Sydney Drama School we bring quality acting training and the world of professional casting closer together than any other training institution. Owned by one of Sydney’s top casting agents, Toni Higginbotham, SDS is the only drama school in the country that sits in the jet-stream of the industry.

Through Toni’s profile and relationships, Sydney Drama School actors are exposed to the best in the business. We are able to draw on a pool of top professional tutors, including AFI award winning actors & directors.

The relationships made at Sydney Drama School can lead to genuine career opportunities.

We offer short courses courses, one-day intensives and master classes at all levels. These courses are designed for new and advanced actors seeking ongoing training in a professional environment.

Actors receive a seamless and personalised learning experience that can be customised to suit each individual’s needs.

Classes are held in our studio in Queen St, Woollahra. Our facilities are fully equipped, including recording equipment that allows actors to take home a copy of all your work.

Whether you’re taking your first steps or you’ve been at it for years Sydney Drama School has the right course to take your acting career to the next level.

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