We are surrounded by design. Everywhere we look we see things that have been designed, but do we really know what makes "good design"? What makes something aesthetically pleasing?

Why do some designs work better than others? How do I achieve balance?

What's this symmetry and asymmetrical style that people talk about?

This hands on 3D design class will help you discover the fundamental elements of design; where to start when 'coming up' with a design and how to develop your initial concept further.

This short class forms part of our 'Good Design' program, and it is recommended that colour theory be taken also to round out your skills when designing. You do not need to be able to draw to participate in this workshop.


  • Gaining an understanding to the elements of good design

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What you will learn
  • Gaining an understanding to the elements of good design
  • Symmetry and asymmetrical style
  • Hands on 3D design class will help you discover the fundamental elements of design
What you will get
  • Tuition
  • All materials required to complete the class

What to bring
  • Sketch book / blank paper. An A4 visual diary is perfect.
  • Pen & Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • If you have any shape templates you may already have from any other subject bring them along. (optional)
What to wear

OH&S protocols at SJS require all students to wear CLOSED IN shoes and for long hair to be tied back. We recommend wearng glasses instead of contact lenses and to wear minimal jewellery in a studio environment.

Appropriate for

Open to all, no experience necessary


Sydney Jewellery School

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Sydney Jewellery School (SJS) is Australia's leading independent contemporary jewellery facility for students wishing to learn the art of jewellery making, multi-media creative arts techniques and object 'd art creation.

The school operates from our own premises and dedicated studio space in Rosebery, an inner South/East suburb of Sydney. Housed in the Heritage Listed Leda Building our air-conditioned studio is flooded with natural light and is equipped with the latest tools and equipment.

SJS also provides space for people wishing to access bench space on a casual or daily basis.

We cater for both the beginner through to the accomplished artisan with a range of classes and techniques: Beginner classes; Class modules to build your skill level; Specialist techniques; Master classes; Visiting artists program; International teachers program.

Many of our classes and the equipment needed to participate are only available within the framework of formal University/TAFE training, SJS is proud to be able to offer short courses in these techniques to all.

Our classes are surprisingly affordable and extremely competitive. Compare for yourself.

The studio has a fully equipped kitchenette and a substantial library with a large selection of books and DVDs on Jewelry and Craft.

Our Director Menaka Cooke and Studio Manager Jae Brown and the wonderful teaching faculty at the school look forward to welcoming you to the studio and to helping you turn your creative dreams into reality.

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