Welcome to the Melbourne Tap Dance community! Congratulations on finding the ideal place to take part in tap dance classes at advanced professional, intermediate or beginner levels!

Classes are taught by Australian Tap Dance Festival founder Winston Morrison, and our professional performers. Check out our classes if there’s a tap dance class that suits you; if not just ask. We also offer private lessons!

With years of expertise, international training and experience, we look forward to sharing everything we can with you in our tap dance classes around Melbourne! Tap shoes are not required to begin; just wear comfortable hard soled shoes and dress however you like!

Those that would prefer to watch first, there is no charge to watch a class, just let us know.

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Class Schedule

Classes run every Sunday, 11:00am

What you will learn
  • Perfect the basic tap dance steps.
  • Gain confidence on the dance floor.
  • Learn to perform tap dance by yourself or with a group.
What you will get
  • Great way to meet new friends!

What to bring
  • Tap shoes are not required to begin; just wear comfortable hard soled shoes and dress however you like!
What to wear

Dance outfit

Appropriate for

Kids Beginner


Melbourne Tap Dance

Vendor since 2015


A tap dance company based in Melbourne, Australia directed by Winston Morrison. Producing shows, jams and masterclasses and the Australian Tap Dance Festival. Join them for their live classes, regular newsletter educating the tap community about tap dance legends and routine instructional videos.

Melbourne Tap Dance is the perfect match for those who seriously want to learn how to tap and are committed to finding a new level of self expression and performance.

We typically work with 8 – 50 year olds who have had the inspiration to do tap, but hadn’t yet found the BEST place to train, until now! – Being a tap specialist school with a founder who has taught and trained internationally, we equip you with tap techniques and get you moving faster than other places we have seen.

Our clients include performers looking to put tapdance into their shows, as well as professional dancers and teachers who want to upgrade their skills with the cutting edge tap training in our advanced classes.

Advanced tap dancers who have outgrown their current teachers and danceschools find a whole new level and dimension to the artform they have been missing, in our Intermediate/Advanced classes.

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Terms & Conditions

Risk free first class:

Simply bring along your bsb and acc number, do the class and decide at end of your first class if you are happy with it – then you can fill out the form to pay for it and you’ll be set for your weekly classes.  If the class wasn’t right for you, that’s fine too, just let us know.

- NO registration/enrolment fee.

- NO costume fees.

- NO uniform fees (there is no uniform – just wear comfortable clothing)

- No term by term fees.

- Instead of a term by term structure, classes run throughout the year (except for public holidays) and have 2 weeks break fro Xmas and New Year.     

- We start new classes regularly throughout the year to accomodate new enquiries (and the progress of existing students) throughout the year.    


 Information about Fortnightly direct debits:  

- makes tap class accessible and affordable for everyone.

- $0 setup and  $0 transaction fees  (Melbournetapdance covers this)

- 1 month payment-free period every year during the 1 month break in December/January

- No minimum period  (freedom to cancel anytime for an admin fee*)

- Don’t have to worry about remembering to have cash on the day of class.

- If for any reason, we don’t run a class that week you are not charged for it ^ !

– No refunds for classes the you don’t attend, (because the teachers and studio hire still need to be paid).

- As fortnightly payments are automated it is time saving and hassle free for everyone, and you have it all recorded on your bank statements for you to see and track.

- change the price option (e.g.  2 classes weekly or 1 class weekly rate) as your situation changes free of charge.

- Avoid price rises.  Join now to enjoy todays’ rate forever, until you cancel. (If prices go up, it only applies to new students not existing students).  


To maintain quality of classes and consistency (what you need to get results) there are fees for administrative requests on direct debits:

 *$25 to put payments on hold or $45 to quit (close membership).   Aside from this being a potential cost, it is a way to avoid potential members joining and quitting too quickly, as this results in reduced class quality and continuity.  For long term students (over a year) there are no administration costs as we are happy to cover this at this stage of your membership.

 ^If we do not run a class (due to public holiday or any fault of our own), this will be deducted from your end of year payments.  e.g. your last debit for the year will stop a week early anytime this happens.

Payments that bounce back due to insufficient funds will incur a $6.60 reprocessing fee .

If you miss a class due to your own circumstances (e.g. sick, away) you can make it up the following weeks by attending an extra class.  No refunds on classes that you do not show up for as we still have to show up and run the class.  You are however allowed to (and encouraged) to do make up classes if you can.  This helps keep everyone accountable and the the integrity of our classes high.



The nature of our payment structure doesn’t encourage casual attendance.  You can therefore expect to join a class that is only of the most committed students that will inspire you and progress together.  Because we give our heart and souls to this we want to work with people who are proud of results and back it up with showing up to class.  Anything less than this would not enable us to continue our reputation as the best Tap educators in Australia and create results for everyone who comes through.  It takes a lot of work and passion on our part to teach someone to tap, and for our commitment to showing up for you in class to deliver the best results and enjoyment, you must also have a commitment to us, yourself and your results!  For most people starting from scratch, allow yourself 3 years to get to a decent level!  

Those that would prefer to watch first, there is no charge to watch a class, just let us know.You may also want to read our testimonials to help you decide that is a quality tap teaching service!



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