Thai Banquet Cooking

Offered by Taste Trekkers
Thai Banquet Cooking

What You Will Learn

  • Prepare a Thai banquet for your friends and loved ones
  • Create trout and galangal salad
  • Whip up red Thai fish curry, and much more

What You Get

  • A full belly of delicious Thai food
  • A greater understanding of balance of flavours

What to Bring

  • Camera for proof

What to Wear

  • Comfortable clothing with closed flat shoes

Thai Banquet Cooking

Offered by Taste Trekkers
About This Course

A little more of a modern twist on Thai food served banquet style - easy to do and great for entertaining.

  • Trout and galangal salad
  • Red Thai fish curry
  • Green mango salad with crusted beef
  • Thai eggy fried rice
  • Sticky coconut and pandan rice pudding with seasonal fruit


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