8 Reasons Why We Love Using WeTeachMe to Power York Butter Factory’s Workshops and Events

Jason Lim - Community Manager at York Butter Factory

York Butter Factory is one of Melbourne’s noted co-working spaces where some of Melbourne’s fastest growing startups call home. Established in 2011 inside an 1850s heritage-listed space, York Butter Factory regularly runs and hosts workshops and events to not only support local startups, but to also engage and support the burgeoning startup community.

Jason Lim, Community Manager at York Butter Factory, recently sat down with us to share 8 reasons why Melbourne’s premier co-working space for quickly growing startups, York Butter Factory, uses WeTeachMe to not only power the co-ordination of these events, but to also build and engage the local community.

1. WeTeachMe streamlines our workshops and events

WeTeachMe allows us to organise community-centric activities in an organised and simple manner. We’ve had members of the community and guests comment on the quality of the way we managed events thanks to using WeTeachMe!

As WeTeachMe provides a hassle-free way for us at York Butter Factory to set events up, we’ve had many recurring events and one-off events that have been facilitated through WeTeachMe.


2. Two impressive value propositions: The WeTeachMe Team is hands-on, and The WeTeachMe Platform collects perfect customer information

A huge value add is the hands-on approach that The WeTeachMe Team bring to the table. Any requests are handled swiftly, and they’re always ready to answer any questions we have.

Special mention also goes out to the simple way in which The WeTeachMe Software collects information about attendees. We’ve had to reschedule events in the past and having information on how to contact our attendees was a huge time-saver.


3. WeTeachMe makes us think of other ways we can improve

The WeTeachMe Software encourages us to think through the value that our events will have for attendees and participants. It’s the only events management platform that makes “List 3 things that your participants will learn” a mandatory field, and it’s a fantastic gauge for us to better understand the value of our events.

4. Implementing WeTeachMe is simple

The WeTeachMe Widgets are easy to embed in our website and are visually appealing. You can see them in action at http://yorkbutterfactory.com/events/.

5. WeTeachMe makes running recurring courses and events incredibly easy

Not having a standardised course and event management system for us to use to promote our events – especially recurring events – was a big headache for us. WeTeachMe solves this by allowing us to “set it and forget it” which is perfect for us.

6. Swift customer service

The WeTeachMe Team take their customer support very seriously, often going above and beyond the call of duty. They’re also always a pleasure to talk to. This type of service is increasingly rare in today’s world and a key point of differentiation for them.

7. WeTeachMe is easy to use

Not only is WeTeachMe aesthetically beautiful, it is also intuitive to use. The WeTeachMe Team also encourage usability feedback regularly, and consistently roll out new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

8. WeTeachMe is a fantastic, sleek and easy way to handle workshops and events, and to promote them

As with any change in systems, it takes a little bit of adjustment to get used to WeTeachMe but the learning curve is very small and after setting up 1-2 workshops and events, it’s easy to set future workshops and events in under 5 minutes.

We highly recommend WeTeachMe to others. It’s a fantastic, sleek, and easy way to handle workshops and events, and to promote them.