How WeTeachMe Saved Us From Drowning in Work

Daniela Martino - Human Resources Advisor at Convent Bakery

When we first met Daniela Martino at Convent Bakery, Daniela and her team were fighting a frustrating and endless battle with customer queries, booking management tasks, and were quickly approaching their wits’ end. In fact, they were starting to question the future of their bread making courses.

At that stage, we had rolled out WeTeachMe to a number of companies such as Cupcake Central and were confident that we could replicate their success with others.

Fast forward 4 months later, not only are the courses at Convent Bakery consistently selling out, they now offer even more courses and spend less time managing them. Daniela and her team are over the moon and want to share their reasons why WeTeachMe is an invaluable asset to their business.

1. WeTeachMe contributes significantly to our growth in revenue and in reducing our admin work

WeTeachMe helps us a lot in terms of growing our revenue while at the same time reducing our admin work. In fact, we don’t have to worry about staffing the phone for taking bookings anymore, and replying to countless emails are a thing of the past. Now, everything works automatically. Thanks to this, we now have more time to focus on our customers and improving our courses. In addition to this, we now offer even more courses such as our Gluten Free Break Making Class.

2. WeTeachMe is intuitive, quick, and easy to use

WeTeachMe is really intuitive, really easy to use, and especially really quick. Moreover, WeTeachMe ships new product features and updates regularly called “tweaks” that are always interesting to play with. Best of all, The WeTeachMe Team love it when we provide feedback as they use it to roll out future features. WeTeachMe essentially does everything for me. All I need to do is update class dates every now and then, and that’s enough. Simple! As a side, I recently discovered that the WeTeachMe widgets automatically update every time a change to the platform is made. This impresses me so much as it’s both amazing and so helpful in keeping the website automatically up-to-date.


3. Before WeTeachMe purchasing tickets, sending notifications and everything else was complicated and endless

Before implementing WeTeachMe, our booking process was a real problem not only for ourselves but for our customers. From purchasing tickets to sending customer notifications, everything was complicated and endless. Further to the above, I received many calls asking for information about the courses, how to book them, what to bring etc. It was never ending. Now with WeTeachMe, everything is quick and easy.

4. Implementing WeTeachMe is simple

I honestly believe that the WeTeachMe platform is absolutely perfect. Implementing it is easy too because the WeTeachMe team will do everything for you. It’s almost like they don’t sleep. Whatever the problem, they will resolve it. Moreover, Kym, Demi, and Martin are always professional and fun to work with. In fact, we received our first booking only one day after implementing WeTeachMe.

5. WeTeachMe will enhance the credibility of your business

WeTeachMe will bring your business to the next level with regard to customer service. This is a good way to enhance the credibility of your business.

6. WeTeachMe makes your life easier

Using the WeTeachMe technology makes our lives so much easier. In addition to this, it exposes you to business ideas that you may not have been aware of. For example, we can now manage all our electronic vouchers automatically which was something that we were not able to do previously.

7. Working with The WeTeachMe Team is fun

Working with the WeTeachMe can be summarised in one word: awesome. Every time I have a problem or a question Martin is there to help me solve it.

8. Learning to use WeTeachMe is quick

Learning to use the platform is incredibly quick mostly due to how user friendly it is. The best part of all is that everything feels very familiar.

9. WeTeachMe works with you to bring your business to the next level

I absolutely recommend WeTeachMe to anyone looking to bring their business to the next level. Not only does it make everything feel like magic, it provides benefits not only for your business, but also for your business’ customers. The team at Convent Bakery can’t recommend WeTeachMe and the dedicated team behind it highly enough. The difference it makes for us is invaluable.