How WeTeachMe Took Our Business to the Next Level

Avery Affholter - Course Coordinator at Enoteca Sileno

When we first met Avery Affholter at Enoteca Sileno, Avery and her team at were juggling the co-ordinating all the courses, events and bookings manually.

At this stage, The WeTeachMe Team had worked tirelessly and non-stop to create The WeTeachMe Platform so that it could help businesses like Enoteca Sileno grow revenue, save time and reduce costs.

We recently sat down with the Enoteca Sileno team and asked them about their experience. This is what they told us:

One of our VIP patrons called us and said, “You guys have really taken things to the next level. Whatever you have now, it’s 1,000 times better than before.”

This is the type of feedback that we love at WeTeachMe. Today, Enoteca Sileno shares the 10 reasons why they couldn’t live without WeTeachMe.

1. WeTeachMe thinks of everything

What impresses us most about using the WeTeachMe platform to manage our courses and events is that it “thinks” of everything. Working with the WeTeachMe team has been important for the growth of our business so we’re able to reach a broader audience.


2. We’re convinced. The WeTeachMe brand and product is destined for major success.

Kym and Demi’s presentation was sensational. I am convinced that the WeTeachMe brand and product is destined for major success.

3. WeTeachMe streamlines our booking process

WeTeachMe streamlines our booking process. Purchasing tickets, customer notifications, and number updating is now all automatic and incredibly easy.

4. WeTeachMe enhances our credibility

Internet presence and digital interface is essential for the marketing of any product nowadays. If your business is inaccessible in a digital context, you pretty much don’t exist. WeTeachMe solves this problem in more than one way.

5. Significant reduction in admin costs

Where else can you hire a dedicated administrative assistant for less than $10 per day?

6. Implementing WeTeachMe is painless

As with any new system, there is a period of adjustment that must take place but growing pains are essential when you are trying to progress and grow within your business. Overall, it was a relatively painless process.

7. Access to a wider audience

We are optimistic and we are off to a great start with our classes in terms of enrolment for 2013. We worked hard on the image of the cooking school, which includes the switch to using the WeTeachMe system. There has been a noticeable shift in the clientele, meaning we are reaching a wider audience. We have received very positive feedback from our customers, and they are also happy with the WeTeachMe system. I hope we can grow with WeTeachMe and vice versa.

8. Incredible customer service

The WeTeachMe team is always at the ready to address our needs, whether it be a technical issue, a request for a new feature, or regarding financial transactions. Kym, Demi, and Marty are always professional, delightful, and fun to work with.

9. Amazingly easy to use

WeTeachMe is highly intuitive and will appeal to anyone who is familiar with purchasing anything online. It is quick, informative, and the updates and “tweaks” always address feedback that we’ve given to the WeTeachMe team.

10. WeTeachMe gives that extra edge

I would highly recommend WeTeachMe to anyone looking to bring their business to the next level with regard to customer service. I think it has the potential to enhance a business’s credibility. In a saturated market, a business must do something to set itself apart from the din — WeTeachMe has given Enoteca Sileno a certain edge that we were ready to embrace.

Grow revenue. Save time. Reduce costs.

We’re quickly discovering that stories like that of Enoteca Sileno are becoming the norm.

From increasing their efficiency and sales to introducing Enoteca Sileno to a wider audience, WeTeachMe is proud to have contributed significant value to Enoteca Sileno and their team.