WeTeachMe Gives Me Back 15 Hours of Sleep a Week

Dan Bamford - Owner at Thread Den

Whether it be the 126 tickets sold to the Learn to Sew – The Sewing Basics Modules 1, 2 and 3 Package or the popular Screen Printed Tea Towels workshops, Thread Den - under the guidance of Dan Bamford - is an example of a business that embraces technology to enhance its results in three key areas: growing revenue, saving time, and reducing costs.

When we first met Dan, we were impressed with her practical nature, initiative and determination-to-learn. We were even more impressed when shared the system that she single-handedly put together. From the initial research to self-learning the skills required to create and maintain a website, from integrating a shopping platform to fielding and processing enquiries, we were left wondering, “Does Dan sleep?”


A few short months later, we had our answer. Dan told us that before WeTeachMe, she didn’t really sleep. Now, Dan has an extra 15 hours of sleep a week. Our curiosity was piqued.

Why did Dan experience such a significant benefit after implementing WeTeachMe? What we do know is that these types of results are consistent across other businesses too, so we know that we had stumbled upon something both interesting and special.

So it was with healthy curiosity that we poked and prodded Dan for answers. This is what we discovered:

1. The WeTeachMe Team really know what they’re talking about.

After implementing WeTeachMe for my online/offline bookings and workshop management, I have enjoyed getting time to sleep back! Typical of so many small business operators, I am doing it all myself. That included teaching myself to update my website via a lot of Googling.

Before WeTeachMe, I had a makeshift online system that involved a static calendar timetable, a click through to an shopping platform, using the PayPal gateway and then emails to conclude the class booking with the client. Plus I was running a point of sale system from ‘the cloud’ to generate receipts and track the sales. Now, everything is automated.

2. WeTeachMe gives me back approximately 15 hours of sleep a week.

The timetable widget being imported straight into my website is AMAZING. This alone gives me back approximately 15 hours of sleep a week. Between customers being able to choose their dates, book online, pay online, receive automated email confirmations and reminders, the time savings are significant. This has meant that I can get my team off the computer and into preparing classes and engaging with my customers.

3. WeTeachMe has a plethora of advanced features that help my business.

I love the social links, the early bird pricing controls and the promo codes. I have also used the ability to email past class participants with updates on new classes that they may be interested in.

4. The cost savings are significant. The customer service is incredible.

With my savings in online shop fees, PayPal fees, the point of sale vendor and reduced EFT fees (because all my customers book themselves online now!), I’m still ahead. PLUS, I have a response within minutes (even on Sunday mornings) from technical support if I have any queries.

I went with the full WeTeachMe subscription and haven’t looked back.