The Best School In The World

Richmond, VIC


The Best School In The World came into existence on a sunny morning as Kym drove to the office. Its philosophy is simple: To run classes and workshops that teach people how to execute on their own projects, that will keep them smiling all day, and all night.

Because life is short. Because why not?




Learnt how to make the plant terrarium. The best bit is to have extra knowledge what can / can't go together in the terrarium.

I enjoyed the class very much, and was very happy with the terrarium I created and took home. I was reminded that I need to consider plant habitats when putting a terrarium together, eg you can't plant cactus/succulents with moisture/humidity loving plants like African Violets!

Sep 2016
Ostensibly Origami Workshop - 13 Aug 2016 8:30 AM

It was a really relaxed and fun class to attend. Was great learning how to fold something new!

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