Just Write - and Publish - the Damn Thing! (Introductory class)


Dreaming of that best seller but don’t know how to write it?

Want to write your autobiography but don’t know where to begin?

Have a million ideas and partial pieces but haven’t managed to finish one?

Have a masterpiece of literature on your hands but enough rejection slips to wallpaper your loo?

Enough of that.

It's time to just write (and publish) the damn thing!

If you think that writing and publishing is too hard, or is only for people with perfect grammar, money to burn, or unique talents, then it’s time to get the facts.

You too can be a published author and have credibility, be seen as a leader in your field of expertise, take people on a wild ride in a universe of your own making, or leave a legacy for your family.

Inspiring, exhilarating, and packed full of practical how-to, this 2-hour workshop will cover:

* How to get started on your writing project

* How to finish your writing project

* How to access daily and endless inspiration

* The ins and outs of publishing – commercial, self-publishing, print, and e-pub

* Banishing procrastination

* How to access and use your strengths, knowledge and experience

* Busting the myths and furphies about writing and publishing

* And much, much more!

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What you will learn
  • How to start and finish your writing project
  • How to access daily and endless inspiration
  • The ins and ins of publishing
What you will get
  • This is the kick up the butt you've been waiting for: the know-how and inspiration to get that book done.
  • Oh: and there will be a workbook and an eBook, as well.

What to bring
  • Pen and paper
What to wear



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