This six-part course will introduce you to the basics of writing fiction: they are broad-ranging principles and techniques that are essential to short fiction (ie. short stories) and long fiction (ie. novels), and are also applicable in screenwriting and much of non-fiction. By the end of the course, you will have finished a short story, or plotted your novel and written the first chapter.

Each two-hour session will be packed full of information and inspiration packaged together with practical know-how. No navel gazing here: we will be teaching you how to write to be read! 

You will also learn:

- Characterisation

- Point of view

- Conflict and transformation

- Elements of plotting

- Effective language

Note: although this course is suitable for both beginning and intermediate adult writers, we strongly suggest attending Just Write (And Publish) the Damn Thing! first.

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What you will learn
  • How to write your short story or novel
  • The foundations of all fiction
  • How to write to be read
What you will get
  • Supporting handouts

What to bring
  • Pen and notebook
What to wear



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