Soft & Sexy in the City (Persian Fetta and Bucheron) course

What to Bring

  • Cheese making cultures and equipment will be available for purchase and take home on the evening (cash and credit card) - so consider bringing your purse/wallet.

What to Wear

  • Relaxed evening dress (as this is a demonstration event feel free to dress up). Our usual rules of short sleeves, flat shoes and no jewelry DO NOT apply to this course).

Soft & Sexy in the City (Persian Fetta and Bucheron) course

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • 6.30 PM to 9.15 PM

What You Will Learn

  • How to make soft, silky Persian Fetta that will have even the most discerning cheese critics swooning!
  • The secrets to a tantalising 2-for-1 cheese - the blissful Bucheron.
  • Cow and goat milk variations for both cheeses.

What You Get

  • The Cheese Maker’s edition of ‘Soft & Sexy - Persian Fetta & Bucheron Home Cheese Making Guide’
  • Champagne, canapés, and tastings


This 3 hour demonstration style course (central city venue) will teach you two very sexy and divinely textured cheeses.  

Soft, silky Persian fetta – needing little introduction, the method for making Persian fetta is completely different to other types of fetta. Deliciously smooth, this cheese will be gobbled up on your cheese board or will be the star of your dishes. 

Blissful Bucheron  – impressive outside with it’s soft, fluffy, gorgeously wrinkled rind, cut into this cheese to discover what may look like a camembert, is distinctively different....Beneath the white, goregously wrinkled rind you’ll discover a lovely brie like layer, before your taste buds are awakened by a lively, smooth and moreish feathery centre.  Camembert-esque but quick, this cheese is ready to eat in just 3 weeks.

It's a 50 Shades of Sexy we teach you how to turn two recipes into endless variations and twists. You'll learn and taste goat and cow milk variations, and discover presentation and serving ideas that can only be described as orgasmic!. But don't worry - it's still a G rating evening - as we've tried and tested it all until it's 'surprisingly simple'. 

This course is perfect for beginner and graduate cheese makers.  

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Feb 2017

That was my third class with The cheese maker ,as always, great venue, organisation and a lot of knowledge learn at the class. Very professional and friendly. Looking forward for my next class. Cant wait to make more cheese now ;)


Had great fun learning how to make two new cheeses, both of which are very doable in the home kitchen. Tania's classes are always fun and informative and I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves cheese.


Everything about the evening was top class. The venue, the warm welcome we received, the tasty treats with Champagne, the informative and detailed demonstration style class and even more tasty treats. It was a fun evening. Tanya the Cheesemaker is a real professional, generous and fun gem...

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