The Harp Lab

The Harp Lab

Melbourne, VIC

2 Day Songwriting Workshop for Kids School Holiday Program (Ages 8-17)

What to Bring

  • A usb stick. Any album art ideas in jpeg file format. If you play and instrument, bring it.
  • A packed morning tea and lunch

What to Wear

  • Comfortable and neat casual clothes, there may be selfies!

Appropriate For

  • Children aged 8 - 17

2 Day Songwriting Workshop for Kids School Holiday Program (Ages 8-17)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This class takes place over two consecutive days from 10 am to 4 pm

What You Will Learn

  • Write their own lyrics/melody/harmony and choose instrumentation
  • Bounce and burn their creation onto disk and create album cover art
  • Basic recording, sound production using Logic or Ableton Live

What You Get

  • A quality recording of their song on CD and digital version with their choice of album art.
  • An amazing recording studio experience!


School Holiday Program for Kids

Songwriting, recording, pre-production and post production, album sleeve design and CD production. Prepare with ideas and inspiration. Bring an instrument if you like. Practice singing if you sing.

Day 1 will start with by brainstorming a song topic as a group. Workshop attendees will be capped at 4 kids so that each child will have an opportunity to offer their suggestions and also work as a musical team. 

Morning tea to rest our creative minds.

A simple pop song structure will be established lyrically. We will discuss the different ways in which a song can be constructed and we will decide on the best option for the lyrics we have.


We will now look at adding the musical content to the words. Each child will choose an instrumental part between drums, bass, lead instrument and vocals. The instruments may be looped samples to be chosen by and manipulated digitally by the students or in cases where students play an instrument or sing, we will record these parts live.

Its a wrap at 4 pm! Go home and rest for the day ahead

Day 2

Once the instrumental and vocal parts are laid down we will begin post production where the children will choose the best parts of all the recordings and we will add effects and production to our song. There are many post production techniques that can enhance a track. We will investigate the options and learn the tricks and methods used by the stars.

Finally we will use a Canva and Avery CD labeling software to create our sleeve art and burn the track to the disk and usb.

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