The Robots Are Coming

The Robots Are Coming

Melbourne, VIC

3D Printed Christmas

3D Printed Christmas

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Hear all about 3D printing
  • How to access repositories of 3D designs
  • How to create the perfect 3D-printed Christmas decoration


We're counting the days now and ringing the bells, so come and sneak a peek at Robo Santa and his little machine elves knocking out presents for your stockings this year.

Come and learn about the new 3D printing technologies that are changing the world!

In these workshops you will get to see 3D printers in operation and how you can take an idea and turn it into an actual object.

From small plastic knick-knacks to medical applications, architecture, chocolate, robots and time-machines, you'll be shown some amazing 3D printing projects from around the world and see how easy it is for you to get involved.

You will learn how to access online repositories of printable 3D objects and learn about the various 3D printing technologies available. We will also demonstrate the use of our 3D body scanning system. Buy the Admission + 3D Print ticket if you would like to be 3D scanned and have a mini figure of yourself 3D printed!

This introductory workshop requires no prior experience with 3D printing or advanced computer skills, and is a great way to understand how 3D printing will change the way we make things.

Also, of course, if you are looking for a 3D printer for that perfect under-the-tree gift for someone special (maybe even yourself!) then take a look at our online shop.

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