Elderton Wines join us for our Dry Aged Beef Masterclass. This event offers you a chance to meet the much awarded winemakers from Elderton, sample their wines and some special back vintages, all while you learn about the art of butchery and dry ageing.  

Our chefs will demonstrate breaking down a whole side of beef in the  prime cuts - ribeye, porterhouse and rump.  They will guide you through the dry ageing process, the history and rise of the supermarket and the differences between grain and grass fed beef.  

As you learn you will enjoy a 3 course meal featuring our own dry aged beef, all with matching wines from Elderton. 

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What you will learn
  • Learn about wine making in the Barossa Valley.
  • Watch the experts break down an argentine of beef.
  • Learn about the dry ageing and butchery process, from what the beast is fed to when it arrives on the plate.
What you will get
  • A 3 course meal featuring our dry aged beef matched with wines from Elderton.
  • A chance to sample some back vintage from Elderton.
  • The opportunity to meet the much awarded winemakers from Elderton.

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The Royal Mail on Spencer

Vendor since 2014

The Royal Mail on Spencer St, Melbourne is a family-operated pub serving quality Australian cuisine and aged meats.  Only a short walk from the CBD, Southern Cross Station, Etihad Stadium & Festival Hall.  The dining room features a cosy fireplace and wine racks to choose something to go along with your dinner.

Our menu has everything from pub classics & aged Gippsland beef to seafood & vegetarian delights.  Our wine list is extensive, including wines from Australia and Europe, plus some great wines from Argentina & Chile.  We have a strong selection of local, imported & craft beers.  Every Wednesday night we host a different spit roast that will tempt your appetite & beat the hunger pains.  

Our owner Michael Hermans, and our chefs, are passionate about meat, dry ageing and small goods. Our classic housemade charcuterie platter is a must for any occasion.  

We are open for lunch Thu & Fri and for dinner Mon-Sat.    

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