Sauce The Sauce Kitchen Toowoomba, QLD


Sauce is a cooking school situated in the Beautiful Garden City "Toowoomba". Our beautiful heritage building has been lovingly renovated. Come and see how gorgeous it is.

"Sauces are the splendor and the glory of French cooking" - Julia Child.

There is also the connotation of saucey behaviour! Life has to be fun.

A sauce may only be as exciting and delectable as the chef that creates it. We were enthused by the passion and professionalism of the chefs we consulted. They helped refine the kitchen to make it a pleasurable space in which to teach and learn. Their passion for food and their ability to convey this as teachers is a great driving force behind the cooking classes.

Every effort has been extended to source stock to meet the needs of every cook and beyond.

Sauce is still a work in progress - with enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, we will continue to strive to meet your expectations and provide a complete source for all things kitchen.  The Sauce Cafe is up and running, so come and have morning or afternoon tea, or lunch, enjoy our kitchen space and our cooking classes!



Jun 2017

Having had an expresso machine for some time, and having tried to learn from the internet how to use it, there was nothing like being there and having someone show you. You don't get the same sounds and feel from the internet, nor the ability to ask questions. And there was plenty of opportunity to practice on their machine with helpful guidance. A very enjoyable and worthwhile experience which I'm putting into practice.

Jun 2017

Unfortunately I went home sick 40 minutes into the class. I am waiting to hear if a pro rata amount of the fee will be given towards another clsss. It had started out tobe a very impressive presentation.

Jun 2017

How to make the perfect buttercream

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