You're looking for a way to feel more confident and stop feeling like you don't know much about wine. You're looking to explore a little bit and build a new skill.

Over two evenings of two hours each, wine writer, wine judge and presenter Andrew Graham will lead you through over 20 wines, as you taste you way around Australia and the world.

Learn about: 

  • Identifying flavours & aromas and other principles of tasting
  • The key styles of wine
  • Easily matching food and wine
  • Wine production

And of course, you get detailed tasting books, delicious cheeses, and the three specialist Tasting Glasses are yours to keep.Want to feel more wine confident?

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Class Schedule

Duration: 2 hours

What you will learn
  • Identifying flavours & aromas and other principles of tasting
  • The key styles of wine
  • Easily matching food and wine
What you will get
  • Fully confident choosing your next bottle of wine
  • More enjoyment through knowing more
  • Like you can't wait to taste your next drop!

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm!
What to wear


Appropriate for

Wine lovers


The Tasting Glass

Vendor since 2016

Learn & Enjoy

When was the last time you learned something new? And it didn't feel like a chore?

With our wine tastings you learn while you taste your way through fantastic wine. Making learning fun! 


Let us take you through awesome wines whilst you chill out after a long day, week, or month!


Wine is inherently social, so our tastings take place at long communal tables. This means our range of Sydney wine tastings have a great atmosphere and we guarantee you'll find someone to have a chat with over a glass of fantastic vino!

Be More Confident

Wouldn't it be nice to be more confident next time you get handed the wine list? Or even have that feeling of really knowing what you're doing next time you're ordering in front of some friends. Our wine events can help out on both counts!

Take Home

You get your very own three specialist wine tasting glasses when you come to our tastings. All yours to keep!

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