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Mindful Quilt Making with Sustainable Materials

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Learn to follow your curiosity and instinct to create a quilt that speaks of your mindful thoughts, your slow ethos and your love of beautiful materials. In this workshop we approach making a quilt as an act of learning rather than simply making another ‘thing’, You will step past the fear of perfect corners, exact measurements and following rules, and you'll create your own completely unique and magical quilt.


Using naturally dyed fabrics and vintage materials we’ll make a small sampler quilt, with our own mindful slow stitchwork, and courageous outlook towards creating something meaningful. Perfect for the beginner sewist or those looking to break the rules a little.

This workshop will begin to break down the barriers and blocks that we put up for ourselves about why we can’t make something. Traditional quilt-making can often be too structured for many people with the rules of perfect corners and no space for mistake-making (learning) to happen. This workshop will push past those rules, showing that it’s possible to make an heirloom quilt using reclaimed and ethically dyed (natural dyes) fabrics, rather than needing to be part of the fast fabric / fashion of many modern quilters of today.


The addition of intentional mindful hand stitching brings us back to being present in what we make and use – taking time to create our own quilts means we’ll learn to care for them more, rather than simply buying a new one each season. This impacts on the way we look at our clothing; learning to mend things instead of throwing them away when a seam is torn. 

Who is Petal Plum?

Ellie Beck is a textile artist and creative maker, working primarily with natural fibres and an instinctual process. She works with natural and botanical dyes, finding inspiration in and from nature. Ellie expresses her creative voice through loom weaving, slow-stitching, crochet, photography & styling, writing basket weaving and more. She creates pieces that speak of motherhood and self, of her place in the world, in nature, and is interested in mapping landscapes and her journey within space and life.

Ellie is a creative teacher, sharing her knowledge and passions through online classes and in real life gatherings. She loves connecting with other creatives and makers, and sees one of her skills as being able to guide people to open themselves up to their own creative voice. Ellie has taught thousands of students both online and in person, and sees each interaction as a joyful experience.

She lives a slow simple and mindful life in the rainforest in Northern NSW, with her artist / designer husband and three creative children. She’s been featured in both print publications and online websites, and occasionally writes for magazines and books.

You can connect with via her popular blog petalplum.com.au and Instagram @petalplum, where you’ll often find her sipping tea, contemplating the slow life and trying to decide which project to pick up. She’s probably surrounded by creative mess and children’s laughing.

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What you will learn
  • Stitching and sewing techniques to create your own quilt
  • How to use naturally dyed and vintage fabrics
  • Mindful-making and design techniques
What you will get
  • Your own heirloom quilt - size and completion depends on how much can be done in the class
  • The skills and know how to use naturally sourced materials to dye with
  • Tuition and guidance through the entire process

What to bring
  • Optional: BYO Sewing machine and sewing scissors
  • Optional: Bring extra natural fibres
What to wear


Appropriate for

All are welcome!


Think Thornbury

Vendor since 2017

Think is a combined shopfront and creative workshop venue in Thornbury founded in 2017 by Melbourne artist Maggie May (from the Middle Aisle), and musician and educator Joshua Kelly.

Think formed to nurture and support a local community of artists and creators, while simultaneously empowering people to develop creative thought through their interactions with artists’ products and workshops.

The store has a strong focus on local Australian made and ethically produced products, whilst the workshop venue connects customers directly to these makers through workshops and other creative events.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Bookings are strictly not transferable to other dates. Please double check the date of the workshop before booking, cancellations will result in forfeit of payment. 

Please note there are no refunds on classes and classes cannot be switched post booking. By purchasing this class you agree to these terms and conditions. However, if you’re unable to attend please feel free to send someone else in your place.

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Terms & Conditions


We often take photographs during our workshops to share through our instagram @thinkthornbury or with our community. Our photographs often contain your hands while you work but may also show your face. If you do not consent to have your (or your child's) photograph taken and shared on our social media platforms and/or website please let us know before the workshop begins.

You can send us an email prior to class hello@thinkthornbury.com or just give us a heads up at the start of class. 

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and at home in Think Thornbury!

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23 February 2019 • Mindful Quilt Making with Sustainable Materials

This is a wonderful venue and beautiful space to work in. I have done one class and the tutor, Ellie, was incredibly generous in her teaching and of herself. i would highly recommend Think Thornbury.