Pattern Drafting Course - Shirts ✄✄✄

What to Bring

  • All pattern making paper is supplied
  • An A3 spiral bound blank journal
  • For toiles, students will need calico and sewing equipment at home - or time to visit the sewing lounge outside of class

What to Wear

  • smart casual

Appropriate For

  • ✄✄✄ If you are familiar with patterns, understand some terminology and pattern markings, this is a skill level you are ready for.

Pattern Drafting Course - Shirts ✄✄✄

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • 7 x weekly 3 hour workshops commencing on Thursday 4th May 2017
  • 21 hours in duration

What You Will Learn

  • How to include designer details & extensive technique training
  • How to draft a variety of shirt styles
  • How to use a women's shirt block

What You Get

  • Women's shirt block fitted to you
  • Notes, patterns, samples and references


This course has been designed for those that have been sewing from commercial patterns and now want to be able to add their own designer details and style!

Over the seven week course students will:

  • Create their own blouse block fitted to themselves
  • Learn about pivoting darts
  • Drafting princess seams
  • Learn about a variety of collars and necklines
  • Learn how to create many different sleeve styles and how to draft a sleeve to fit
  • Different pocket styles
  • How to draft facings, button extensions, including zip openings and other closures
  • Draft your own shirt featuring your choice from the design elements learnt

This course is exclusively pattern making and combines a number of drafting techniques from working on calico, pattern paper, cardboard, full size and in third size scale. You will build up a reference tool that you will have for a lifetime of pattern drafting.

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Jun 2017

Great class! I learnt how to draft and manipulate a bodice pattern. I was able to draft my own design and get help on how to make it work and fit my body.

May 2016

This class was 7 Thursday evenings long and covered shirt drafting in depth. I came away with my own bodice block that I can manipulate to create any sort of shirt or blouse, including the cuffs and the collars so that anything I make from the block is exactly my size. And even if I change measurements, I now know how to adjust the block for this.