Sew High Waist Knickers ✄✄

What to Bring

  • Polyester sewing machine thread
  • half a metre of either knit or woven fabric for the centre front and backs (for a greater challenge choose satin)
  • half a metre of knit fabric with 2 way stretch for the sides
  • 2 metres of lingerie or picot elastic

What to Wear

  • Casual

Appropriate For

  • ✄✄ for students who have completed Sewing Basics and are confident enough to try new techniques and tricky fabrics

Sew High Waist Knickers ✄✄

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • 4 hours in duration

What You Will Learn

  • Measurements, choosing the right size when working with knit, pattern markings and pattern placement
  • How to apply underwear/picot elastic
  • To use overlocker and sewing machine stretch stitches, needles and equipment selection for knit fabrics

What You Get

  • A pair of knickers made by you
  • Instructions to make your knickers
  • A copy of the pattern


Pattern Design: A pair of extra high waisted knickers with princess seams to feature contrasting fabrics. During construction you'll learn about machine knit stiches and finishing your seams with the overlocker. You can choose to drop the waist line to a natural waist for your knickers. We'll also teach you how to apply underwear or picot edge elastic. 

Our pattern measurements go to a 105cm hip, but note - because you are working in knit fabrics the final size can be much larger if you choose knit fabric with a large amount of stretch. 

Photographed Sample: The sample knickers have combined a floral print knit with 2 way stretch that was purchased at ClearIt on Brunswick Street with a dusty pink netting that has been put over a plain off white 2 way stretch knit fabric. The picot underwear elastic is from Jimmy Buttons in Fitzroy.

Styling Ideas & Notes On Supplies:  The fabric in the side panels must be a knit fabric with 2 way stretch, look for something soft and with natural fibres for comfort. The front and back centre panels can be woven fabric and cut on the bias.

For best results - pre-wash your fabric to reduce shrinkage.

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Nov 2016
Sew High Waist Knickers ✄✄ - 30 Oct 2016 12:30 PM

Great class. Learnt useful technics for stretch materials. The teacher was very helpful and taught us in a way that we are able to go home and do the pattern again with no trouble. Highly recommend.

Jun 2016
Sew High Waist Knickers ✄✄ - 25 Jun 2016 2:00 PM

I loved this class - so useful, so much fun. Now I have the pattern I can see myself making plenty more of these. In all sorts of different fabrics and colours. With bows and trims and lace. This class was booked out and I can understand why!

Jun 2016
Sew High Waist Knickers ✄✄ - 25 Jun 2016 2:00 PM

The class was great! I learned about how fabric choice and stretch will impact on fit. But more importantly I now know I can easily whip up some fancy underpants in a jiffy! A big shout out to Danielle, our tracher, she quickly came to my rescue when I accidently cut a hole in the back and provided a way to turn my mistake into a special feature using a vintage applique to hide it.

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