Lecture Series - Fabric Identification

What to Bring

  • Nothing to bring

What to Wear

  • Casual

Appropriate For

  • All levels of sewing enthusiasts and vintage fashion lovers

Lecture Series - Fabric Identification

About This Event

Class Schedule

  • Two hours in duration

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the types of fabrics
  • How to conduct a burn test
  • Getting know the names for weaves and fibre types

What You Get

  • Confidence to identify fabrics that aren't labeled


Fabric Identification Discussion with Gemma

Do you love to buy fabric from op shops, markets and swap it with friends and family?

While you love the look and feel of it, you would like to learn how to identify what it is?

Learn about fabric and how to work out has it been made from synthetic fibres or natural? How do you describe the weave? Take your fabric knowledge to the next level. What to look for when conducting a burn test.

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