Puppet Making - Mini Me Muppets

Offered by Thread Den
Puppet Making - Mini Me Muppets

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a puppet
  • Working with felt, fleece, sewing & glue

What You Get

  • Your very own mini me muppet made by you

What to Bring

  • Hair - wool, or a wig to chop up
  • Accessories - hair clips, bracelets (necklace for your muppet), clip on earrings, fake nails, fake eyelashes
  • Supplied by Thread Den - goggly eyes, hobby fill, head foam, thread
  • 1 metre of a fabric, we recommend - stable fleece, corduroy, boiled wool, sturdy fleece

What to Wear

  • casual

Puppet Making - Mini Me Muppets

Offered by Thread Den
About This Course

An exclusive event creative for Craft Cubed 2014

Has it been your secret childhood dream to have a vantriloquist act? Have you wanted to make your own puppet? The muppet guru Meagan is going to take us through the production of Muppet Puppets. There is a combination of machine sewing, hand sewing and crafty techniques to add in all the details that make your muppet. The Muppets involve foam, filling, fleece, felt and more things that don't start with "F" and therefore don't belong here.

Harder to get materials are supplied by Thread Den, the essentials that make it look like you are to bought along by participants.

Each one will come to life with its own personality... a mini version of your personality that is.

We'll teach just what you need to know to walk out with your own muppet. 

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This class is offered as for special events only - Craft Cubed and Christmas in 2014, and taught by Meagan. The regular class price is $125 (and is subject to membership discounts).

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Muppet Making!

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Muppet Making!


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