Meditation: Experience It, Learn How To Do It Yourself


You've heard of this thing called meditation, perhaps had some experience of it. It may have been a great experience, but difficult to recapture, or not the experience you hoped for. There are many different ways to create a meditative state that relaxes, refreshes and centres you. Come and explore what meditation can be like for you, beginning with a guided meditation, to remind you of what is possible, then learn how to create the experience yourself.

Meditation is a way of clearing and aligning our conscious and subconscious, and as a result we become more focused, and we are relieved from stress, resulting in increased happiness.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 2 Hours

What you will learn
  • Ways to create a meditative state that relaxes, refreshes and centres you
  • Explore what meditation can be like for you
  • Create the experience yourself
What you will get
  • The many benefits of meditation: increased happiness, reduced stress, improves concentration, slows aging and much more
  • Encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle
  • A better you!

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
What to wear



Trance Therapy

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Enjoy the stillness of deep relaxation. Access the creativity of your unconscious. Discover your own solutions to life's challenges.

Trance Therapy utilises relaxing trance and imagination to transform your blocks into resources as you are inspired to identify and enjoy moving towards what you really want in life.

We support you to:

- Untangle what's going on in your life.

- Gain fresh perspectives and insights.

- Learn useful techniques to create the life you'd prefer.

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