Corporate: Innovation Incubator


Whether you're reshaping your brand story, undergoing organisational change, or planning for the year ahead - Trash Puppets' Innovation Incubator is perfect for getting your team into a different headspace.

About the program

Our half day incubator is the perfect place to get your team working creatively together.

The program runs in two halves:

1. Puppet making. Our Puppetsmiths give you the tools to create your own Trash Puppet.

2. Workshopping, presenting, and reflecting. A facilitated exploration, using your puppets to reflect on your relationship to your work/ brand/ company etc.

We work closely with your team to ensure tailored outcomes.

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Class Schedule

4hr incubator session tailored to your team's requirements.

What you will learn
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Creative Problem-Solving
What you will get
  • Each participant creates their very own Trash Puppet
  • Bespoke, facilitated session to complement your annual planning session, rebranding, or values review.

Appropriate for

adult teams and corporate groups


Trash Puppets

Vendor since 2016

Our mission at Trash Puppets is simple. We educate both children and adults alike on the concepts of sustainability, with a particular focus on waste reduction, through creative workshops and interactive performances where imaginations are expanded and play is key.

Our overarching message is one of great importance. Waste and its associated impacts, such as pollution, threaten the sustainability of our planet. Trash Puppets works with 100% recycled/ reused materials, donated by many, including our participants themselves. Creating something new, something unique and special from what other may deem “trash” sends the message that we can, as a society, waste less and highlights the importance of recycling.

Participants will also gain an insight in to the wonderful art form that is puppetry. Our Creative Director Jhess Knight is a highly trained professional puppeteer and puppet maker, passionate about sharing her craft with the community. In this digital age, playing with tangible materials is often something that we miss out on. Trash Puppets aims to encourage creative thinking, excite your imagination with puppetry and broaden your understanding of sustainable practices.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

If you cancel your booking more than two weeks before the event, full refund of deposit will be made. Cancellations made within 14 days of the event date will not receive a deposit refund.

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Terms & Conditions

By hiring Trash Puppets you agree to:

  1. pay a minimum 50% deposit to within 14 days of making your booking (unless otherwise negotiated)

  2. pay the balance 50% of our hireage fees within 14 days of your event occurring

  3. forfeit your 50% deposit if you cancel your event within 14 days of the booked date

  4. provide a safe working environment for our staff

  5. provide an adequate and appropriate space for the event to occur within

  6. advise us in writing (email to if the circumstances of your event change after booking. Key changes include (but are not limited to):

    1. the number of participants

    2. the location

    3. whether puppet-making material (i.e. ‘trash’) is supplied by participants or by Trash Puppets

    4. contact person on the day.

Trash Puppets will ensure that:

  1. all our staff hold valid Working With Children checks

  2. our services are delivered as described, with professionalism (and fun!)

  3. your deposit is refunded if you cancel your event more than 14 days out from the booked date

  4. all trash provided by participants is sorted by our staff assuring materials are clean and safe

  5. our Public Liability insurance is adequate and current.

Other considerations

  1. The terms, fees, and contents of this agreement remain strictly confidential, utilised only in connection with the booking made.

  2. Trash Puppets may take photos/ videos to record the event, avoiding identifiable features of staff/ participants.

  3. Changes to your booking may incur additional fees.

  4. Trash Puppets staff require breaks during events that run more than 3.5hrs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please phone us on 0406 310 144 or email

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