While Kizomba is starting to take the world by storm, it is still an emerging genre in many countries; so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. Kizomba comes from Africa, mainly Angola and Cape Verde (where it is called Passada - meaning steps or a pattern of sequential steps). The word ‘Kizomba’ is derived as a linguistic expression from the local Angolan slang Kimbundo meaning ‘party’.

Kizomba is a beautiful partner dance described as an African tango due to its mix of Afro body movement and Tango-esque patterns that is danced to Zouk music. It’s both beautiful and deceivingly technical and a joy to learn and dance. Tropical Soul has been one of the strongest ambassadors of Kizomba in Australia - offering continuous Kizomba classes since 2012!

DRESS CODE: There is no specific dress code for this class, and people usually wear casual clothes. For the shoes, ladies can wear flats or heels, as long as they are comfortable to dance in for one hour, and also ensuring they have an ankle strap or are well fitted to the feet so they don’t slip out as you dance or turn. Sneakers are not recommended.

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Class Schedule

This class runs for 6 weeks. Same time, once a week. Thursday, 3 November 7:30pm

What you will learn
  • You will learn a brief history of Kizomba dancing, a Latin dance style originated in Angola and is the taking the world by storm!
  • You will learn the basics of Kizomba plus some turn patterns, so you can dance a full song!
  • You will learn techniques on how to lead (for the males) and how to follow (for the females)
What you will get
  • 2 professional instructors per class. One male and female. Expert tuition from our experience instructors
  • A nice and friendly dance studio, with reception area, AC, toilets and more
  • Be part of a community of like minded people, who enjoy healthy activities, networking and fun!

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm!
What to wear

There is no specific dress code for this class, and people usually wear casual clothes.


Tropical Soul Dance Studio

Vendor since 2016

Tropical Soul is one of the most popular Latin Dance studios in Sydney and Australia. We offer Latin Dance classes in Salsa, Bachata and all Latin styles from Beginners to Advanced level.

We take pride in creating a wonderful community of dancers and friends! Not only you will learn to dance or have the opportunity to perform on big stages; you will increase your social circle and make lots of new friends!

Led by Josie Cote and Juan Ruiz, multiple times Australian Salsa and Bachata Champions and also two of the most famous and sought-after Latin dance instructors in Australia; you can count that each member of our team is a highly recognized dance instructor in the industry.

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