Trupp Cooking School

(9) Melbourne, VIC


Trupp Cooking School, located next to Prahran Market in the heart of Melbourne’s food hub, is the brainchild of internationally renowned chef and cooking teacher Walter Trupp and his nutritionist wife Dorota, the authors of Trupps’ Wholefood Kitchen.

It is here that the zealous home cook can access the skills and techniques of an award-winning master cook and the extensive knowledge of an expert in nourishment. Together, Walter and Dorota guide students through a series of interactive, fun and uniquely designed courses – each a culinary journey like no other.

Walter and Dorota teach everything from mastering basic knife skills and learning the secrets of wholefood health, to presentation techniques that will lift everyday mealtimes and dinner parties to a whole new level.

From the novice to the experienced, students have fun learning how to make better food choices by touring Melbourne’s best markets, and how to prepare the healthiest, tastiest meals – dishes that not only improve your wellbeing but give you abundant energy so you can always perform at your best. 

The courses are available in ‘sit-down’ and ‘hands-on’ formats, with intimate classes being the norm. The school, which is equipped with the latest appliances and utensils, can also be booked for private lessons or corporate functions (up to 20 people). Team-building cooking challenges and entertaining cook-up parties are just some of the highly popular events in Walter’s ever-evolving repertoire.



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Trupp Cooking School
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Trupp Cooking School


Jul 2017

Very good cooking lessons , we really enjoyed our time and will come back

Jun 2017
Molecular Gastronomy - 03 Jun 2017 9:00 AM

I was actually surprised by how much I was able to take on and learn in the time here. Walter was great at explaining all of the technique and highly approachable. Delicious food and no shortage.

May 2017
Artisinal Bread Baking - 04 May 2017 6:00 PM

Class postponed due to ill health.

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