This class is a great way to inspire your kids to have fun whilst cooking - with the added advantages of learning cooking skills and making healthy food. The class incorporates a range of skills development that are more age specific. Groups are larger and more boisterous as the younger children have developed greater resilience in their home environment.   

We can help your child conquer fussy eating, boost their self-confidence and gain lifelong healthy eating habits 

Our cooking classes are hands-on with the kids, involving them in every stage – from harvesting foods in the garden to peeling, grating, mixing, chopping and cooking their ingredients in the kitchen. In this way, the children gain ownership of their food and are more willing to try new foods. We do ask at least 1 teaspoon full of the prepared food is "tried".

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Class Schedule

Duration: 2.5 hrs Please record any recipes made in prior classes or Birthday Party in the Registration Instructions (at the checkout) to ensure recipes are not repeated.

What you will learn
  • Fun the kitchen and exploring our vegie patch to harvest ingredients to use in class
  • Gain the confidence to use this recipe at home.
  • How to enjoy food they make - ingredients they may be dis-inclined to eat.
What you will get
  • Discover the joy in using their new-found skills
  • The recipe to take home – All our classes are NUT FREE
  • Share the food they have made with Parents as they join our picnic at the end of the class! Parents are also expected to eat the food (unless allergy concerns) and follow with praise to their child.
  • A wonderful memory of fun with new friends!

What to bring
  • Bring Smile and appetite.
  • Parents are able to drop-off the older kids but welcome to stay.
  • Prompt arrival and pick-up is highly appreciated.
  • Aprons are provided for use in the class
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy). Wear covered shoes. Long hair tied back.

Appropriate for

Kids Aged 7-9 yrs with a good interest in cooking and health


What's 2 Eat?

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At Whats 2 Eat? our aim is to sell to your children the fun of cooking and making recipes using fresh whole foods.

“Sell ?” you think. Yes! We want to promote basic foods which don’t have the huge advertising budgets of processed foods.

Convenience is often the priority on which our food choices are made and this often leads to a diet high in salt, sugar and fat and low in fibre. Our fun classes will direct kids to foods which will achieve better health outcomes.  We aim to not only alter your child’s diet by having them make our quick and easy recipes thereby reducing their intake of processed foods and altering their perception of foods they do not like.

Our cooking classes are hands-on with the kids, involving them in every stage – from harvesting foods in the garden to peeling, grating, mixing, chopping and cooking their ingredients in the kitchen, all under strict supervision.  We will stimulate kids taste buds and all other senses important to enjoying food, and surprise you with how easily these foods can be prepared. In this way, they achieve ownership of their food and are willing to try new things. You will be surprised at the results! We believe that cooking skills can boost the self-esteem and confidence of a child, and that their pride in these newfound abilities will encourage lifelong healthier eating habits.

Yes, we do use sugar, salt and fat in our recipes but not by the truck load, and you know exactly what ingredients go into each recipe. Have you ever had trouble reading the list of ingredients on a food packet? Your grandmother would struggle to find something she could call food.

At What’s 2 Eat we avoid the use of the word “healthy” which can be off-putting to children. Making the best food choices will affect your child’s energy levels, learning ability and memory, moods and body image along with general ability to cope with life’s stresses, their complexion, hair health and weight management and then… all of that medico stuff which I will leave for the doctors etc. to tell you about.

Making better food choices can be easy and it is our mission to show all children how.

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