Want to know what to cook to impress your guest? Stuck for ideas or just love to impress over the new year season?

Come join us for a fun exciting and hands-on look at what we can do from a seasonal way of thinking.

Seasonal Eating!!!

We all seem to stress when we entertain, with what to eat, what to serve at friends and family gatherings.

Matt from Whe-Eat wants to take the stress out of this, and help you be organised, enjoy time with family and maybe even impress with a new take on a classic dish.

Join us and celebrate in a way that is enjoyable and not stressful.

Our key goals are to keep prices down, impress and surprise our guests, but the most important factor, which is very often missed in being Seasonal with Purchases and Ideas.

Come alone, join us, come with ideas, or open plate as we have fun doing what we love with a few sips of Bubbles along the way on a Lazy Sunday.

Whe-Eat at CERES Environment Park

Matt from Whe-Eat has been teaching Authentic Mexican and Rustic Italian cooking at CERES Environment Park. Stay tuned for more great classes coming soon!

He also partakes in farmers markets, festivals and food events where he sells and promotes boer goat meat from Sevenhills Tallarook. 

Melbourne Cooking School Classes

Do you love your food and have a passion for entertaining? Want to share some awesome food with your friends? Maybe you just want the chance to meet new people and learn new cooking skills?

We've got the answers. Join us for our rustic, old school cooking classes using fresh, locally sourced, sustainably grown ingredients.

Cooking Class Format

We teach you about having fun with food, have respect for artisan history and classic time-tested techniques. We source local, fresh and wherever possible, organic ingredients. And the best bit is we share a feast at the end. Yum!

Cooking Class Venue

Our cooking class venue varies depending on the class, but they are predominantly featured around Melbourne. We teach at a number of fantastic spaces, usually with a fully equipped commercial kitchen and the perfect dining room to enjoy the food together afterwards.

We live in a country abundant with food, choice and opportunity. At Whe-Eat, we love to celebrate that and we'd love you to join us at one of our upcoming cooking classes.

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What you will learn
  • Cook to impress your guest
  • Work with Local Food
  • Meet and make new friends
What you will get
  • Few sips of Bubbles
  • Take home food so bring a doggy bag
  • Understanding of Food Sharing

What to bring
  • Don't forget your doggy bag!
  • A cupful of smile with a willingness to learn.
  • A teaspoon of laughter with a passion for entertainment.
  • Love for awesome local food.
  • Sharing food with new friends
What to wear




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Know and love your food – we bring you closer to the farmers, producers and chefs

Whe-Eat brings you closer to local farmers, producers and chefs, so you can learn, celebrate and most importantly, eat great food. Get in touch with your inner foodie!

Join us for our events including the Whe-Eat Cooking School, Restaurant Appreciation and gourmet regional Food Tours.

Whe-Eat is about getting back to basics: Whe-Eat – Whe-Share – Whe-Live

About Matt

Matt Baker is a fully qualified chef with a passion for local, sustainable food.

“If you're inquisitive about food and want to know more about growing, sourcing, producing and cooking, then you're in the right place. I hope that Whe-Eat leaves you feeling inspired to become more sustainable, and to promote good food and food security in your life. Happy eating!”

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