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Zoo Experience with TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey.

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Is your child simply ‘mad’ about wildlife? Does your child aspire to work with animals? Then the Wild Action® Junior Zoo keeper program is the perfect gift, or school holiday treat for them! Students will be placed in groups, relative to their age and experience. Don't let the 'Junior' deter your animal 'nuts' teenager. Chris Humfrey will personally take each group on a tour around his very own private zoo.

STRICTLY Limited participants!

A maximum of 15 students a day will only be accepted into our program. This means that your child will never miss out! Live shows, hands-on demonstrations and professional supervision... leads to a unique experience never to be forgotten! We GUARANTEE that the program which Chris Humfrey offers is the most interactive 'hands-on' wildlife experience offered anywhere.

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What you will learn
  • Learn to classify animals into phyla, class, order, family, genus and species. Learn to prepare food for a myriad of species & Get involved in our endangered species breeding programs with woylies, sooty owls, cassowaries, and spot-tailed quolls.
  • Participate in captive husbandry techniques and learn to handle wildlife. Be prepared for a very 'hands-on' day. Our expert team take the time to photograph your child's very WILD day.
  • Develop a greater appreciation and respect for their natural world, and work with a group of people who are all dedicated to preserving and understanding native wildlife.
What you will get
  • Junior Zoo Keeper Certificate of participation.
  • USB stick with photographs of your child's amazing WILD experience.
  • A WILD experience to remember for the rest of their lives!

What to bring
  • Your child will need to bring a snack and packed lunch for the day's activities.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing for the day's experience. Please note weather forecast the day before the class.
What to wear

Sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the day's weather forecast are essential.

Appropriate for

Suitable for ages 5 - 17 year old


Wild Action

Vendor since 2016

Wild Action was Established in 1994. The Company was created by zoologist Chris Humfrey to satiate his personal desire to educate people about the amazing biodiversity in Australia. Chris was particularly keen on creating interactive ’hands-on’ incursions which captivated and inspired children. Humfrey always had a wonderment for nature, and it always amazed him that others didn't always share his passion for the beauty and magic of the Natural World.

Twenty one years later, Wild Action Zoo is now a state of the art private zoological facility in the Macedon Ranges, and operates the only 'truly' mobile zoo in the State of Victoria. The Wild Action Zoo Team breed many rare and endangered species. 

Wild Action employs a Team 10 full-time staff members, and our award winning Company educates well over 250,000 school children a year....on all things Wild!

Ultimately, it is Wild Action's  goal to inspire people to develop an interest and empathy in all things ‘WILD’, by delivering responsible, sustainable and educational wildlife encounters.

Wild Action shows do make a difference!

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19 April 2019 • Zoo Experience with TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey.

It was an amazing experience and great for all ages. We got to handle, learn about and care for all the animals There were lots of staff who were extremely welcoming and fun Highlight was taking the dingos for a long walk


15 April 2019 • Zoo Experience with TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey.

This was the best day for my son. He counted down until the day and we were not disappointed. He jumped in the car and said everything was the best. They also give you a USB with amazing photos of your child! He is now planning the next visit.


10 April 2019 • Zoo Experience with TV Zoologist Chris Humfrey.

What a great day for our animal-loving daughter! She loved everything. I was super impressed that Chris met us at the front gate and everyone was made to feel comfortable before the day even began. The personalised message to my daughter on her certificate was the icing on the cake. Highly recommend this experience.

Wild Action


Rachel was a joy to work with. She got on so well with the other participants, and was always 'up-beat' and enthusiastic to do anything!  She can work at ZooHQ anytime. Cheers Chris Humfrey

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