learn tp make balanced healthy delicious meals for the entire family

After loosing 30 kilo Chef Ben can not only talk the talk but he's proof of how healthy eating can improve your life !

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What you will learn
  • Whip up meals full of flavour
  • Discover how to cook light and healthy meals that help you better manage your weight
  • balanced, fast easy &healthy for all the family
What you will get
  • Your creations
  • Ideas for future dinners
  • a glass of wine while you enjoy the class

What to wear

Casual, Comfy shoes


Wild Oak

Vendor since 2013

The Wild Oak Cooking School is purposely designed to maximize the use of a central workspace, which allows a 'hands on' experience rather than a 'demonstration' kitchen. Having a small capacity of 8-10, students can enjoy a much higher level of contact with professional chef instructors.

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